Touhou 2 – Story of Eastern Wonderland Review

Another Touhou game down, which means that it’s time to put on my game reviewer hat once again.

This time featuring Touhou 2 – Story of Eastern Wonderland.

A Proper Shooter

It felt nice to play a proper shooter, with no ball.

There were three different attack patterns to choose from. It doesn’t say much on the selection screen except that one uses cards, one uses the orb, and one uses a balance of both. Not wanting anything to do with a ball or orb of any sort, I chose the cards.

The cards ended up being a high-spread type attack pattern, so I think in the end it was a mistake. I went back after beating the game and tried the orb style and while there was less spread it seemed to do much more “single target” damage, which is more useful on bosses.

However.. the cards still might have been the best choice. And that’s because I quickly discovered a little trick, that I believe is not intentional.

If you mash the “Z” (shoot) key instead of just holding it, you attack twice as fast. You don’t even really need to mash it, just constantly press it. I believe the game was designed for you to hold it, but when you keep pressing it it duplicates your attacks. There were a couple bosses where, with the spread attack, you could get right up in their face and burn them down very quickly.

The last two bosses had a lot of health though so while it’s sort of an exploit, you still have to spend a good amount of time dodging attacks.

Bad End

Apparently Touhou 2 has good and bad endings. I looked this up after getting a bad end, but apparently if you continue after losing your lives, you automatically get a bad end for the playthrough. Pretty rough. Had I known about this, I’d have been more strict with my savestates!

I also learned that if you get all three good ends, one for each attack type, you unlock an extra stage. The thing is, that’s too much work. I’ve got what, 15 more Touhou games to play?

I’ll just be satisfied with my bad end, that got me a beautifully drawn image of Reimu, the main character.


I only played on normal, I actually don’t know where I would even go to change the difficulty for this one. Maybe it was in the settings or something, but I never went to check. I’m not exactly a bullet hell veteran. I might try harder difficulties for future games, like 10 games from now, but until then, I’ll stay on whatever the default difficulty is.

It felt very fair. Bosses were as you’d expect – you die to them and learn their patterns. Thanks to the magic of savestates, I could just repeat a boss over and over. I feel like last game had more unfair boss attacks than this one, although there were a couple on this one that I wasn’t a big fan of.

Considering I used the double-attack glitch, which I’m pretty sure is a glitch, I guess any attacks from the bosses are fair game. There was one boss in particular that I believe is 5 turrets on a platform, and you can kill one of them immediately before they can attack when you use the glitch – this is what made me think that it was a glitch, and not a feature.

One other thing I’ll note is that I found it hard to see enemies at times on the auto-scrolling portion of levels. Certain backgrounds were very close in colour to some enemies, and when my focus was on my character and dodging, they’d feel like they appeared out of nowhere because my peripherals didn’t notice them.

Overall though, difficulty seemed fair to me.
Which means it’s probably easy for veterans of this game type.

Wrapping Up…

Overall, it was a fun game and honestly a pretty good first installment into the bullet hell Touhou games. In addition, I feel like they can only get better from here.

I’m not really paying attention to the story because apparently games 1-5 are non-canon or something like this, and so the actual Touhou story begins with Touhou 6.

That’s all for this one.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Touhou 2 – Story of Eastern Wonderland Review

  1. Yeah, it is sort of a joke that Touhou 1 through 5 don’t count, though obviously Reimu and Marisa continued on as main characters, along with at least one carryover in Alice from Touhou 5, who’s now one of the most popular. But now they all look different, so who knows.

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    1. Tbh I dont know anything about the story, so I’ll take your word for it. I really wanted to experience the life of the series from start to finish though, which is why I decided to start at the very beginning!

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