Bakemonogatari Episode 12 – Tsubasa Cat, Part Two

The Tsubasa Cat tale continues, only, without Tsubasa herself.
Remember how Tsubasa was constantly bringing up Koyomi’s relationship with Hitagi? Well…


Hitagi asks Koyomi out on a date at lunch, for that evening, after school. She leaves early to get ready, and then Koyomi heads over after chatting with Nadeko and Tsubasa at the gate. When he gets there Hitagi pulls him into a car and her dad begins to drive them somewhere.

On the way, Koyomi feels awkward about Hitagi’s dad being there. Hitagi takes full advantage of this to tease Koyomi as much as possible, in all sorts of ways. When they arrive, Hitagi leaves for a moment to set something up. Her dad thanks Koyomi for all that he’d done for Hitagi, and mentioned that he hadn’t seen Hitagi so happy in a very long time.

Hitagi then grabs Koyomi and takes him somewhere where they could see all of the stars in the night sky. She points out the major star constellations to him, and they chat for a bit, and then kiss (although we don’t see the kiss, it’s implied).

Staple Stable: Tsubasa Cat Edition

Staple Stable being the name of Hitagi’s opening song.

That’s right, Hitagi has hijacked Tsubasa’s arc from her, to bring us this date episode. After all, this is basically what Tsubasa would have wanted, considering how much she seemed to be trying to help Koyomi out in his romantic endeavors.

And yet, I have a feeling that learning about this date would only make Tsubasa’s headaches worse…!

It was cool to see Staple Stable pop up again like this, and they even have “Tsubasa Cat” pop up during it this time, to signal that it is in fact, not a mistake. And so what we got was a nice episode that helps to cement Koyomi’s relationship with Hitagi. Because let’s face it, they’ve “been in a relationship”, but we haven’t exactly seen anything that signals this aside from them spending time together.

But Koyomi spends time with Tsubasa too, so this episode is what takes him further beyond that – a stargazing date that ends with a kiss.

Academic Pressure

Tsubasa is brought up at one point during the car ride, after Hitagi tells Koyomi that he is to go to her place everyday after school.

“Every day?! Do smart people really study that much?”
– Koyomi

“No, obviously this program is designed for you, Araragi-kun.
Smart people are smart before they even start studying.”
– Hitagi

“It seems like Hanekawa studies every day, though.”
– Koyomi

“Araragi-kun, the “studying” that Hanekawa-san does, unfortunately, is on a completely different level from our “studying”.
Hanekawa-san is the real thing.
She’s from a different world than us.”
– Hitagi

“But it’s not like Hanekawa always aces tests, right?”
– Koyomi

“If Hanekawa-san can’t score 100, then the problem is with the test.
I wonder what that’s like, though.
When I think about how much pressure that must be, I can’t honestly say I’m jealous.”
– Hitagi

An interesting perspective. If Hitagi is calling Tsubasa a bone-fide genius, then she really must be. Prior to this, we knew that Tsubasa is smart, and top of the class, but I never got the impression that she was prodigy level. That said, I guess it makes sense considering Tsubasa is trying to keep her future plans a secret, because her teachers would get upset and try to convince her to go to a university.

Academic pressure. As I said, it’s an interesting side of Tsubasa to look at. Perhaps this is the most “obvious” pressure on Tsubasa for the average outsider looking in at her. Tsubasa never seemed to express anything that would indicate her grades were an issue though. She’s not even planning on going to university, so is this really something that would stress her out enough to cause those headaches?

Ah, To Be Young And In Love…

Here are some words from Hitagi while she and Koyomi are lying on a blanket looking at the stars (all while a beautiful piano rendition of Staple Stable plays):

“Right now, I’m afraid… of losing you.
Even though I can’t say my life up until now was fortunate,
if I got your attention because I was so unfortunate,
then I think it was okay, after all.

That’s how hard I’ve fallen for you, Araragi-kun.
That’s why, I’ll make something come of it, no matter what.

So… I want you to wait just a little.
That’s why, at this point in time,
out of everything I can give to you, Araragi-kun…
for now… this starry sky is the greatest.”

– Hitagi Senjougahara

Remember, Hitagi was the victim of attempted rape by a cultist when she was in middle school. So this dialogue here is her way of telling Koyomi to be patient with her. It’s really just a great moment between the two of them, and conveys a great feeling. Especially with the music.

To me, this date is the moment that finally says
“This is it. Koyomi and Hitagi are dating for real.”

Wrapping Up…

For the first time we have a post on the shorter side. I believe that the primary purpose of this episode is to solidify Koyomi’s relationship with Hitagi, because the moments they share, especially when they are looking at the stars, are simply wonderful. And so, the intent of this episode is to say “Koyomi is taken by Hitagi”, essentially.

While the episode throws a bit of a red herring at us with Tsubasa’s academic pressure, I’m not convinced that would cause her stress. Perhaps there is a part of her that is still questioning her decision to travel the world after high school, but she seemed fairly excited to do just that when she told Koyomi about it.

Regardless, there are still three episodes to go this season.
Tsubasa Cat will continue on after this romantic side-track.

Until then,
Thanks for reading.


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