Yomu in Japan: Tourist Edition

So in addition to cherry blossom viewing, which was pretty much the bulk of my tourist activities in Tokyo a few weeks ago, I’ve some other pictures that I can share here.

A little delayed, but better late than never right?


One of the first places I visited with friends that I was staying with was Odaiba. We bicycled over there, which was fun in itself. There are some real big shopping malls and some attractions here, we just went for lunch and a little sightseeing.

Also I didn’t realize until later that my phone camera cuts off at the top of pictures, which is unfortunate. The gundam statue is awesome though, standing next to it just makes you wish they were real! I don’t care if they are weapons of war, someone make it happen!!

View of Tokyo

This was the view from one of the upper floors of I believe St. Luke’s International Hospital. A bit of local knowledge, as my friends knew about it and didn’t cost us anything. Just rode an elevator up what seemed like an office tower and looked out some windows in the hallway.

Sensoji Temple

Wasn’t all that busy, and during cherry blossom season I hear that Sensoji is normally packed. But there weren’t many Chinese / Korean tourists due to corona, so it was easy to comfortably walk around.

Lot of Japanese girls here more than anything, and I hear it’s common for them to come and get their fortunes / pray for good luck with relationships and whatnot. Many were wearing a kimono too, and some even had photographers with them.

Asahi Building

Just a cool shot of the Skytree reflecting off the Asahi Building.

Meiji Shrine

Right off of Harajuku station is the Meiji Shrine. Was quite the contrast, going into this forest pocket in the middle of Tokyo. No cherry blossoms, but very quiet and peaceful. Didn’t get too many pictures here, but it was pretty neat. You wouldn’t realize you were in the middle of one of the world’s largest cities in this little pocket of nature because of how peaceful it felt.


Didn’t spend too much time in Akihabara, took some photos of the buildings and had ramen there. Went into a single store to look at figurines, many of which had some pretty good prices, but neither myself or the guys I was with were interested in buying anything. Ended up coming back briefly in the evening to see Akihabara lit up at night.


Briefly walked through Shibuya, checked out the Nitori there with friends just to get an idea of furniture prices and whatnot. Also stopped in a coffee shop for a while.

Tokyo Station

Final stop of the night was Tokyo Station, which was really neat.

Wrapping Up…

I’m not the best tourist, or photographer. I had many more photos but I deleted a lot of them off my phone because they take up so much space. Tokyo was great, and it was really neat being able to ride the subway / train lines anywhere.

But, I’m no longer in Tokyo, so I’ll update you all as to my current whereabouts next time around, with many more pictures!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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