Yomu in Japan: Cherry Blossom Edition

So on March 13th I took a one-way flight to Japan, and have been here since. I went through some brief training, made some friends, and have seen a good deal of Tokyo.

Currently I am awaiting news on the status of my apartment that the company has found for me, and I’ll keep the location of that a secret for now…

Anyways, things really aren’t that crazy here compared to what I’ve been reading about how things are going in the West. Which is why I’ve been able to go out and secure many photos of the things I’ve seen in Tokyo, and what better place to start than with the cherry blossoms?

I’ve heard that there are much less people than normal out and about, I know some people who are working from home here. But overall it feels like things are fairly normal, aside from the fact that 80% of people are wearing masks.

I promised Rose that I’d post my cherry blossom pictures for her, so let’s get into that. I had to run these images through a resizer and compressor so that they wouldn’t steal all the image storage on the blog, as my phone takes really big pictures (5mb per image)! Managed to get them down to ~500kb each which is good enough.

So here we go.

You may want to view this on my site so that the galleries actually work, as lately I don’t think image galleries have been working on the Reader. I’ve also made it so you can click on any of these images to enlarge them.

The Lone Sakura of Odaiba

Surrounded by a tulip garden, this lone sakura tree stood with it’s nice bright pink blossoms for all to see. It’s the first tree I caught in bloom, located in Odaiba right near where the giant Gundam statue is.

White Blossoms

While visiting Saitama, managed to spot these three trees with their white blossoms.

Sensoji Temple Blossoms

Around Sensoji Temple there were various nice blossoms. mostly white once again. The pink blossoms seem much more rare.

Ueno Park Blossoms

Managed to spot once again, a lone pink sakura tree. The rest were all white blossoms, but still really nice as they line the path through the park.

Kiba Park Blossoms

Once again, more white blossoms. The bigger trees in the center of the park where families were picnicking had mostly lost all of their blossoms, but there were a couple trees along the way that were still going strong. Highlight here was a big tree that was hanging over the pedestrian bridge in the park.

Wrapping Up…

That about does it for my cherry blossom viewings.

Hard to say if I’ll see any more as it seems like the season is already coming to an end here, although where I’m going I may see more, depending on when I get there!

Things have been fairly relaxed here, I’ve been having a great time. I have a couple more posts in the works with some more images of what I’ve been up to here in Tokyo, so I’ll maybe post again on the weekend for this.

Anyways, stay safe everyone.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Yomu in Japan: Cherry Blossom Edition

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures! My favourites are the Sensoji Temple blossoms, Ueno Park blossoms, and the Kiba Park blossoms!

    Are you planning on doing more posts like this as you settle to your new place? Congrats on the move. That’s very exciting. I’m glad that things are relaxed in Japan. 🙂


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