Anime Studio Challenge: 10Gauge’s Tobidasu PriPara: Mi~nna de Mezase! Idol☆Grand Prix (Review)

That’s right, it’s the first anime of the anime studio challenge!

Tobidasu PriPara: Mi~nna de Mezase! Idol☆Grand Prix, a PriPara movie featuring what I imagine are several songs from the PriPara anime.

The studio / producer itself 10Gauge didn’t have too much of a selection. I’ve never even heard of PriPara before, but I figured it’d be fun to just watch some random movie featuring anime idol music. Which actually gave me two choices, and I just arbitrarily chose PriPara over Pretty Rhythm. Making Pretty Rhythm that eternal “what if?”!


Very straightforward. Tobidasu PriPara: Mi~nna de Mezase! Idol☆Grand Prix is essentially a movie featuring many songs from PriPara, or at least I assume this is the case. The movie itself is framed as a competition between the various idols, and they “compete” through performances that are “randomlly” selected. In-between performances are little chibi skits with the idols.

Dancing.. Lots of Dancing…!

Due to the nature of idol anime performances, we get a lot of CGI idols dancing on stage in various outfits. I actually thought the CGI was better throughout this movie than it was in Love Live! School Idol Project, the only other idol anime I’ve seen before. I didn’t mind it at all, to be honest.

At first, the dancing is pretty cool. The little music videos are all very colourful and well decorated, and the dancing is neat to watch.

Eventually though, after so many performances, and so much dancing, it all begins to look the same. Hands, legs, heads, et cetera… the movements all begin to blend together. Like I doubt anyone would walk away from this movie thinking “Man, I really liked that one move that Falulu did during that one song”.

This is probably more an issue of having so many back-to-back songs than anything though. Credit to whoever animated the performances, because it’s still pretty impressive overall.

Music Aplenty!

Naturally, there are a whole bunch of PriPara songs packed into this movie. I enjoyed most of them, I mean you can’t really go wrong with this kind of music, in my eyes. However, I have to admit, the songs really start to sound the same after hearing so many back-to-back. It’s sort of like with the dancing.

I understand that this movie is sort of playing on the assumption that you’ve watched PriPara, and therefore would recognize the songs. And the songs are obviously all spread out throughout the anime. So I admit that my experience here was likely an anomaly. Overall the music was great.

So I sat through a whole pile of songs, and I feel like it’s only fair I share at least one. So here’s my favourite from the movie: 0-Week-Old.

Hopefully this YouTube embed doesn’t die at some point in the future.
If it does, feel free to yell at me in the comments.

A Very Moe Experience

I’m going to be honest, this was a pretty fun experience. I may have to look out for more idol movies as we continue the challenge. Not quite like slice of life anime, but there’s something about just sitting down and watching a movie of moe idol songs. Very moe. I liked it.

Just a ton of cute girls and cute songs.

It was also fun to just jump into this without any actual knowledge of PriPara, the idols, the songs, or anything. It’s sort of like watching a preview for the anime itself, and considering the PriPara anime is 140 episodes, a single movie isn’t too bad!


Ok. Just remember that I haven’t seen the PriPara anime, and have absolutely no investment into it. This was me going into this movie completely blind.

I enjoyed the colourful and moe visuals, as well as the songs. I felt like after a while the performances sort of got lost in each other though, like they could probably have played a song twice and I wouldn’t have noticed. Still, it was a fun experience overall.

I’m giving Tobidasu PriPara: Mi~nna de Mezase! Idol☆Grand Prix a 7.5 / 10.

Had to include this one.

This was quite the niche first pick.
I never would have expected watching something like this already!

Jumping into a random idol music movie was fun.
This is what the challenge is all about, because there’s absolutely no way I would have ever chosen or watched this movie otherwise.

And that’s it for the first entry into the anime studio challenge!

The next couple of anime I watch should be obvious, considering I have no choices available for the next three studios / producers. If you don’t look though, then it’ll still be a surprise!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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