Date A Live S3 E12 – Time Limit

This is it, the final episode of Date A Live Season 3, and I believe the final episode of Date A Live altogether, until Date A Bullet airs (whenever that will be).

I began watching Date A Live on April 25, 2019 and now after almost a year I’ve gotten to the final episode. I believe there was a break or two in there though, between seasons.

Anyways, final episode time.


Shido becomes overloaded with the powers of the spirits that he’s sealed. The result is that now the reverse treatment is needed- the spirits all need to kiss Shido. However, for some reason Shido’s personality has also changed and he’s very cocky, which results in him challenging the spirits to all make him fall for them, just as he had originally made them fall for him.

Ratatoskr prepares a facility and one by one the spirits win Shido over, until it’s only Tohka left. Shido’s powers then cause him to go on a rampage, and after some struggle, the spirits are all able to kiss Shido, ending with Tohka kissing him. The episode then abruptly ends right there, immediately after the kiss.

Episode Thoughts

First off, before watching it I was warned by someone that this episode is a bit of a mess, as it adapts an entire volume of Date A Live in this single episode.

That definitely shows, as the episode is extremely rushed. It almost feels like a filler episode, but I feel like a filler episode even wouldn’t try to cram so much into one episode. The abrupt introduction and conclusion that we get in this episode is just that, way too abrupt.

Mess aside though, the bones of the episode are great. In other words, the ideas behind this “arc” are interesting. I like the idea of having reverse-dates. I’ve mentioned many times how much I enjoy the dating aspect of the series, so I thought that this idea was really cool. If they had more time to flesh it all out, I think it would have made for some good episodes.

The problem was just that the reverse-dates were too quick. Each girl gets maybe a minute if she’s lucky, and then it’s onto the next one.

In addition, Shido’s personality switch seemed a bit off, but then I think if we were to watch him transition into this more bold personality over a longer period of time it’d have felt more believable.

So I guess it was an interesting episode. Not a great conclusion by any means, but at least I can appreciate knowing that the light novels probably handled everything much better.

Wrapping Up…

I suppose that’s about it.

I loved the ideas behind the episode, but the implementation of this story into a single episode was just way too ambitious. Maybe 2 episodes would have been enough, but even then I feel like you’d need 3 episodes to make this story work and flow well. Everything just happened too fast.

It’s a shame, but it is what it is.

The alternative would have been a filler episode, but thinking about it that probably would have just been a much better idea instead of botching the official story by cramming so much into one episode.

Up next will be one last Date A Live review, and then we’ll have to wait and see what the deal with Date A Bullet is, because I’d definitely consider watching that whenever it airs!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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