Date A Live S3 E11 – Origami Returns

The “new world, same Origami” story continues.


Shido goes on a date with the Origami of this new world, and for some reason Origami can’t help but do perverted things, although she doesn’t understand why. Apparently her tendencies and memories from the original world have leaked into this one.

At the end of the date Shido is about to seal Origami’s powers at the usual spot when she gets nervous and backs off, almost falling off the cliff. Shido catches her but cuts his arm, causing his regenerative magic to appear on his arm. This causes Origami to turn inverse.

Shido’s old harem that we haven’t seen much of lately shows up to create a chink in the barrier surrounding the inverse Origami, allowing Shido’s voice to reach her. In doing so, Origami’s two selves are merged, and Shido is able to seal her powers.

The final result of all of this is that while the two Origami’s merged, in the end it’s really just the original Origami that is left.

The real stars of Date A Live.

Episode Thoughts

It’s a shame that the new Origami is gone, overwritten by the old one. It was nice to see the new Origami for a bit, as well as an actual date for the first time in a long time. Despite what the love advisors chose, Shido ended up choosing the most lewd option because the old Origami was such a pervert.

I guess the conclusion was alright, it makes sense that they’d overwrite Origami’s personality with the original one, so that while this is a new world the anime can move forward as if nothing had happened.

What can I say, I’m sick of Origami at this point.
The good news is that I think her arc is over with this episode, so hopefully the final episode of the season won’t be so focused on her.

Wrapping Up…

Almost finished with Date A Live.
It’s been a bit of a grind lately, ever since the Natsumi arc wrapped up.

While this arc had a couple interesting twists with the time travel and all that, once again we had moved far away from the dating basis of the anime which is what I liked most about it. I was glad to see that there was a date this episode, and I’m guessing it’ll be the last one of the series unless they manage to find a reason for more dating next episode.

I wonder what they could even do with Phantom in only one episode, or if they’ll just leave that aspect alone and just end with a fluff episode.

We’ll see.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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