Date A Live S3 E10 – New World, Same Origami?

Shido’s back in the “present”, only an alternate one where Origami’s parents never died. Things seem fairly normal, until they aren’t.

But if there’s one thing that’s been firmly established already, it’s Origami’s undying hatred for spirits, which lives on in this world!


Shido awakes in the new “present”. After realizing Origami wasn’t a student at his school, he goes home spaced out. Kotori ends up mentioning a “Devil” spirit, that hunts other spirits. We learn also that this spirit is an inverse spirit.

Shido goes to school the next day to conveniently find that Origami has transferred in! He questions her and learns that while her parents lived due to his actions in the past, she ended up joining the AST anyways after witnessing the boy who saved her parents dying.

Later Kurumi appears and talks with Shido, and Origami then arrives and notices them both. She transforms into Devil, Kurumi fakes her death, and then Origami changes back into a human, not realizing what had just transpired.

Episode Thoughts

In other words, Origami is hopeless. “She’s different this time, I swear bro!” ain’t gonna work on me. Consciously or subconsciously, Origami hates spirits and won’t hesitate to cut them down. It’s only a matter of time before she goes after Tohka, Kotori, and the rest once again. Her personality might seem softer than the Origami we once knew, but inside she’s the same, I can tell.

Naturally the topic of the next episode is going to be “how do we save Origami?”. I guess it would have been anticlimactic if they had just said “Origami is fine in this world” and moved on, but personally, I’d have been cool with that.

Wrapping Up…

The silver lining here with this extended Origami arc is that we might get to see Phantom again. I’m all about seeing new spirits and what they’re like.

Remember when Date A Live involved Shido actually dating spirits?
Me neither.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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