Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Episode 15

It’s summer break!
And you know what that means…


It means going to the pool, a festival, fireworks, bug catching, a part-time job, stargazing, a batting cage, the movies, a test of courage, karaoke, a goby fishing tournament, and more! Well, normally that’s what it’d mean.

Instead, what it means this time is the beach, and then bug catching, and then a test of courage. Perhaps there’s more to be had in future episodes, but that’s what we got this episode. And no looping!! Yet, at least.

Episode Thoughts

Considering there are only 2 more episodes, I think we’re safe from any actual looping here. After all, aside from Yuki’s little personality shift we’ve been free from supernatural occurrences.

This episode actually had a similar feeling to the first episode from Endless Eight. I guess it’s expected that it would – summer break with mostly the same cast. Same tone. It was a nice episode. A little comedy, but mostly it was just a relaxing episode.

Wrapping Up…

We’re pretty much back to the earlier stages of this anime, which is a relaxed tone with a little bit of comedy. I’m sort of in the middle as for where I stand on both this episode and this series. On one hand it’s comfy, but on the other it’s sort of just more of the same.

Two more episodes to go.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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