Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Episode 14

It’s dawning on me that 17 episodes is a very irregular number of episodes for an anime. Bakemonogatari had 15, and aired the last couple episodes online.

I wonder how it works with Nagato Yuki-chan, if they aired any online or anything like this, because 17 doesn’t fit perfectly into the standard anime season length. Well, I’ll never know because while I wonder these things I also can’t be bothered to research it!


Now that Yuki is back to normal, things are back to normal for the most part. Kyon is a little awkward around Yuki, because the other Yuki confessed to him before disappearing. Haruhi also just happens to appear once again, just in time for Tanabata. And so the literature club gets a small bamboo tree and hangs their wishes on it.

Episode Thoughts

Things are back to normal, and I thought it was funny how Haruhi just bursts right back onto the scene now that Yuki’s arc is over. I’m still not really sure what the purpose of Yuki’s arc was, but maybe it will have some relevance to future episodes.

Once again the anime made several references to Haruhi, this time with Tanabata and some of the lore behind the wishes or whatever.

I didn’t think anything was that funny this time around, the episode just sort of happened.

Wrapping Up…

Just chugging along here with the Nagato Yuki-chan episodes. The change in tone with the last arc seems to have had a lingering effect on this episode, because I didn’t really pick up any comedy here. And to me, a slice of life without comedy can be hard to get into, unless it has other interesting elements, which this doesn’t.

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