Selector Spread WIXOSS Review

I’ve powered through the second season of WIXOSS, in just three nights! Four episodes per night. Man it’s great to be back to binging. One episode per week just doesn’t cut it.

Once again, we’re going to have spoilers.
I see no reason not to, considering this is a sequel.


Ruuko and friends continue to run around trying to figure things out, and end up figuring some things out. Meanwhile, the villain also works to accomplish her own goals. There are a couple battles, madness ensues, and then everyone lives happily ever after.

Purpose & Motivation

I’ll be honest with you all, I felt like this season was lacking in purpose. As a viewer, I really had no interest in watching Ruuko fix WIXOSS, or see Tama, or whatever. And I have a few reasons for that.

There simply aren’t enough selectors, and we don’t see enough battles. Because of the fact that girls don’t have to battle if they don’t want to, Ruuko and Hitoe just go around refusing battles for most of this season, unless they are “forced”. And on top of that, there are only like 6 girls able to battle in this season. Which doesn’t really give us many battles to watch, when half of those girls are actively refusing battles.

Apparently WIXOSS is ruining girl’s lives, but as far as I can see there are only like 6 girls actually playing WIXOSS. Maybe we could make the WIXOSS world feel larger? And man, I’d just like to see some legitimate battles! It felt like there were maybe 5 or 6 battles this entire season, and they’re always super short and unsatisfying.

Once again, while I understand WIXOSS isn’t actually about WIXOSS, and more just the supernatural events behind the selectors… would it kill to actually show us some WIXOSS? Because the only other option in my eyes is to just remove WIXOSS altogether. The anime is built around a game for seemingly no reason. Might as well just go all-in on the story and ditch the game altogether, considering the absolute lack of attention it received.

I wasn’t feeling anything regarding Tama. Tama said like 12 words last season, and now shes somehow Ruuko’s most treasured and precious friend who needs to be recovered at all costs… I understand the intention, but I never fell in line with it. I think Ruuko and Tama’s relationship never felt all that special, even last season.

Weak Characters

Ruuko, Hitoe, and LRIG Yuzuki make up our main cast once again. Ruuko and Hitoe in particular I didn’t like once again.

Ruuko continues to be this enigma, a girl with seemingly no personality whatsoever that just sort of reacts to the environment around her. She went from being this apathetic girl with no friends last season to someone who is willing to do whatever it takes for them this season. Maybe it was her VA, but she just felt so fake and uninspired all season.

Hitoe didn’t even feel necessary. You could probably remove her from the show completely, and I feel like nothing would change. I don’t really understand the purpose of Hitoe existing, what role she even fills. I also don’t understand why she was allowed to make friends again, somehow getting a new LRIG absolved her of the her previous losses?


I didn’t mind the whole premise that was created to show us why WIXOSS, LRIGS, selectors, et cetera were a thing. I liked Mayu and her whole story. I thought it was all pretty cool. She comes off as very selfish and cruel, but the anime did a good job at revealing that Mayu is really just a very damaged character. Overall, I still liked the story, even if did seem convoluted at times. In the end it was unraveled in a satisfying enough manner.

Chiyori & Eldora

Without a doubt, the absolute best aspect of the entire anime. Chiyori and Eldora not only injected some life into the series with their comedic partnership, but they also felt like the most interesting and real characters in the anime, aside from Mayu herself, and Kuro who I also liked.

Unlike Ruuko / Hitoe who were basically depressed for most of the anime, and Akira / Ulith who were psychotic for the whole anime, Chiyori and Eldora were something else. Bright, energetic, full of life and quips. Last season started out with a positive energy but once the psychological elements came into play the anime became overcast with this depressing tone.

Chiyori and Eldora seem immune to this and I was so happy to see that. A real breath of fresh air in the story. And their own story ended up feeling more impactful than anything else in the entire anime. I felt more sad for Chiyori after her third loss than I ever did for Tama, Hitoe, Yuzuki, et cetera. Because those two had a real companionship, Chiyori and Eldora. It felt much more real than Tama and Ruuko from last season, that’s for sure.


I’ll just sort of sum up my opinions here before I rate the season.

Aside from Chiyori and Eldora, and a couple others such as Mayu and Kuro, I felt that the characters of this anime were weak and uninteresting. Ruuko and Hitoe in particular were just such boring characters.

The story itself wasn’t all that bad, with the premise behind WIXOSS, and Mayu, and all that. Ruuko and Tama are such weak characters though that they bring the story down, because I didn’t really care about them.

There isn’t enough WIXOSS. Battles are a rarity, and when they happen they’re very brief unless we get a dialogue dump during one. I know the anime is more about the psychological elements and story behind WIXOSS than the actual game, but once again it felt like the game itself wasn’t even necessary. Plus, it seemed like there were only a small handful of selectors, diminishing the overarching impact that the game is having on people’s lives.

Finally, the overall tone of the season was too one-dimensional. The major psychological twists were introduced last season, and this season lacked that impact. It was nice to see the story wrap up, but the tone of this season felt bland for the most part.


I’ll give Selector Spread WIXOSS a 7 / 10.

No real improvement from last season.

I’d rate lower but Chiyori and Eldora really picked up the slack for several episodes. Those two felt too good for this anime, but I was glad to see them here to make up for how bland the other characters were.

Last season was more intriguing and exciting as the introductory season, and this season had Chiyori. So it washes out.

And that’s the second season of WIXOSS.

To my understanding, the next season is changing things up, and following someone else. I don’t know if it’ll dive into trying to fix WIXOSS, like what Ruuko did, or if it’ll be something else entirely.

I’m going to continue on because I’m curious how a new character will react to things. And I’m curious if they’ll manage to create some real characters next time. Now that we know all of the secrets behind WIXOSS, I’d have to think that they could get a little creative with it’s presentation to a new main character.

We’ll see.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Selector Spread WIXOSS Review

  1. Nice review, I myself am a bit more positive about the show than you but I feel your grade is still very fair. I would not rate it that much higher.
    I do disagree with the Wixoss thing not being impactful though. The world plays Wixoss plenty however just a few become selectors. I’d compare it to Mirai Niki, where only a few phones become a future diary.
    I do get what you mean as that the card game doesn’t impact the story much and to an extend I do agree but I think that is part of it. Something as Mundane as WiXoss was corrupted into a death game for some..unnoticed to the big world. The card game is mostly a metaphor for risking it all on a chance to get your wish. Taking a risk and playing a game like this goes hand in hand for me. Sure you have some influence over your destiny but sometimes you are still depended on the luck of the draw which can mess up your entire game plan. Can you chase your dream and risk it if you don’t even hold all the cards yet? That kind of thing.

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    1. Yeah I understand what you mean, I think Jon was arguing that point as well on my review of the first season. I do like the overall premise and psychological aspect.

      I think for me the hangup is just on the medium itself. It’s there, but it’s lacking impact.

      For example, there were only 12 diary holders in Mirai Nikki, but it was exciting to learn what each diary did, and watch how each diary worked. This element, where the medium itself was intriguing / exciting, is what I think this season of WIXOSS was lacking.

      All that said though, I can say I’ve already seen the next season and they make a lot of great changes when it comes to that.

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  2. That skull girl is pretty awesome XD

    Anyway, yeah, this part of the series is ultimately pretty underwhelming. I think the score is about what I gave it. Outside of Aki really getting to be fairly wild (her English VA is top-notch), things just didn’t come together in an organic or interesting way. It’s /almost/ there but…

    Thankfully, as I said in my review, another season does exist and recovers things considerably (as I’m sure you’ll note, about to read that review next). Not to mention it actually manages to build on this stuff too, even if that isn’t immediately apparent.

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