Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tsue Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru Review (Spoiler Free)

Also known as Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious.

When I saw that Lynn had this anime rated as one of his top anime picks for 2019, I knew I had to watch it. Honestly, I knew I had to watch it even before that. As one who loves fantasy anime, and by extension, isekai, the prospect of an overly cautious hero seemed too entertaining to pass up.

And so I waited for it to finish airing, and binged it all in three nights!

No spoilers this time.


A goddess from the realm of the gods is tasked with saving a S class danger world. The process to do so involves summoning a human to take on the role of a hero. And our goddess Ristarte just so happens to summon a very, very cautious man. Hilarity ensues.

It’s Not KonoSuba;
But It’s Just As Good

Shinchou Yuusha is right up my alley when it comes to the comedy. Over the top and ridiculous, the anime absolutely lives up to it’s name. Very much like KonoSuba, Shinchou Yuusha parodies the isekai genre, poking fun at several isekai tropes. It also introduces hilarious loopholes to the whole isekai premise, once again, just as KonoSuba does.

However, Shinchou Yuusha doesn’t poke fun at all the same elements that Konosuba does. Instead Shinchou Yuusha plays a lot more with the “overpowered protagonist” element that we see so often in isekai. Hard to really describe anymore without spoiling jokes.

After all is said and done, Shinchou Yuusha is a brilliant comedy in my books.

The Protagonist

Seiya, our cautious hero, is an awesome character too. I often lament about how I’m getting tired of the same old one-dimensional “Mr. Nice Guy” character types (looking at you, Rimuru) in anime. It just seems to common for the protagonist to be a total paragon who can never do wrong, no matter what. But reality isn’t completely black and white, and so I don’t like how often anime forgets that and paints a story with no grey.

And this brings me to back to Seiya – he’s certainly no gentleman! Seiya has the tendency to obscure his actual intentions due to his level of caution. The guy acts so cautious that often it seems like he is only trying to save himself. So cautious that it seems like he’d rather just keep on training instead of actually doing his job as hero. Someone who despite having the power, refuses to take any chances, no matter how small.

Now, there is much, much more to Seiya than meets the eye. Often things end up working out perfectly or better than expected, all thanks to his preparedness. Seiya is a good person at heart, but he also isn’t afraid to speak his mind or rattle the cage a bit.

I appreciate a protagonist like that, who isn’t just a boring appeaser that goes with the flow. Seiya IS the flow, and he’s not afraid to come off as a pushover if it comes to it.

Voice Acting

I don’t normally bring up the voice acting, but I felt compelled to here simply because the Japanese VAs for Seiya and Ristarte were really top notch. Mind you it’s not often that I have any issues with Japanese VAs, but for Shinchou Yuusha these two really stood out for me as a pair that sold their characters perfectly. I couldn’t think of a better voice for either character. Very well done.

The Story

I won’t spoil anything here, so this section will actually be quite short. Essentially what I want to say here is that in addition to the comedic focus of the anime, the overarching story actually ends up being very good, and that’s underselling it. In my opinion, the story of Shinchou Yuusha is exceptional. Doubly so once you consider that this is a comedy anime, a genre that typically doesn’t deliver this level of storytelling.


There’s much more to Shinchou Yuusha than what I’ve mentioned here. Consider my points just a couple highlights. Overall, I believe Shinchou Yuusha to be on a similar level to KonoSuba, an anime I hold in very high regard. Everything about this anime was so enjoyable that I struggle to even come up with a single criticism.

I’m giving Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tsue Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru a 9 / 10.

It’s a masterpiece in my books, although I can’t fully deliberate on exactly why this is because I’d decided to make this review spoiler-free.

If you enjoy isekai, comedy, KonoSuba… this is an absolute recommend.
Honestly, regardless of your preferences, I’m going to recommend Shinchou Yuusha. I really enjoyed it.

Now, I didn’t cover the individual episodes of this one.
I’m getting out of that business for the most part.

However, good friend of the blog Lynn Sheridan, AKA the Otaku Author, did! And he enjoyed it just as much as I. So if you’d like to read more from the anime, check out his posts here!

I have to agree with him that Shinchou Yuusha was one of the best anime of 2019. I’d have to look at a list of what I watched from 2019 myself, but it’d most definitely be near the top, if not the very top.

It’s great to see another isekai alongside Shield Hero do so well for 2019. Many people are getting tired of the genre, but I feel like the genre isn’t at fault so much as the industry itself for trying to profit off of isekai with half-assed products.

Anyways, that’s all for this one.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

9 thoughts on “Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tsue Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru Review (Spoiler Free)

  1. I agree with everything in this post and fully endorse the idea that you should check out the Otaku Author’s posts on the series, they’re great… Sorry, just channelling my inner Yomu for a moment there.

    As you say, there’s a lot more to this series than just outlandish faces and an overly cautious hero.

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  2. Dedition

    Honestly enjoyed most of the anime (first 10 episodes), Most comedy anime don’t really make me laugh but this one definitely had me rewinding a few seconds to appreciate a scene one more time.
    For me, however, this anime fell flat towards the ending. It became overly predictable and generic. Too much coincidences and nonsensical reasonings & whims were thrown in. It was honestly disappointing towards the end and though it didn’t make my whole experience negative, it certainly dampened the interest I had.


    I preferred it when Rista was just a random goddess instead of this centuries old ex-lover. It made no sense why the Gods were so lackadaisical with everything happening along with actually being so weak. A monster invaded their realm and they seemingly treated it like just another Friday with us not hearing anything about it again.

    Most, if not all the Gods seemingly have no sense of pride, superiority or strength. Just about every single one of them is basically a pathetic, emotionally sensitive weakling.
    Why was it deemed necessary for Aria and Ishtarte to restore Rista’s memory as an ex-lover? Was that supposed to accomplish anything? It just made the pleasure of seeing the two get closer become boring as now we know that they’ve already been as close as a man & woman could ever be.

    Again, why are ALL the Gods so weak?

    I just read the OP’s Slime review and to quote something they said, “Second, because a vast majority of the fantasy races in Slime were all the exact same. Their appearances may vary, but when it comes to personality, every single race in Slime was the same. Almost everyone walked, talked, and acted like humans.” Every God we were introduced with was essentially the same person. Tough & cool exterior until any external stimulus hit them and then they became this emotionally inept child. Almost every single one was weak and when you realise that the strongest God’s ultimate attack wasn’t able to kill an S-rank Demon Lord, it makes you wonder how they haven’t been overrun by SS-rank Demons yet.

    I know I probably shouldn’t take the story so seriously, but I feel it would’ve been better if the anime actually tried to do something different in some aspects.


    1. Nothing wrong with taking the story seriously. Personally, I thought that the direction they took in the end was something different from how comedy anime usually go, by twisting the story into something more emotional.

      That said, I can see your side of things. The gods being so weak and useless is a bit peculiar. I guess you can chalk it up to them being inspired by the Greek / Roman gods, which were a bunch of drama queens… like Zeus cheating on his wife and all sorts of crazy stories. Like a bunch of high school kids or something. But the point about them not being able to defeat demons is a good one!

      I do agree about the memory stuff though. While I liked the twist that “he was taking things seriously all along” and I liked that he went it alone and all that, and the message he had left for himself from the last time, I agree the past life / memory stuff was a bit much. Too much fluff. His change from cautious to selfless hero was good enough.

      In the end what I found so impressive about the series was how it was able to transition so well from a comedy into something more serious, even if the ending was a little fluffed up. And I guess the rest you can just chalk up to it being a comedy more than anything.


      1. Dedition

        You know, to an extent I agree with the conclusion you’ve said. I do think it was a good transition but a – obvious personal opinion incoming – poor execution.

        As for the Gods thing, yeah, I definitely see the resemblance to the Greek Gods but even those Greek Gods, despite being so heavenly childish, still had their cool moments of pride and awe. I felt disappointed that everything & one felt so 1-Dimensional outside of Seiya.


      2. True, Seiya’s character is definitely far above the rest of the cast. In the end it all just depends on what they were going for and what you’re looking for in the series – whimsical comedy, comedy with a clear direction, something more serious… I feel like there are so many things they could have done that would have also been great with this series.


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