It’s Not Easy Being This Successful!

We’re back with part two of the Blogger Recognition Award, which is an award about recognizing and celebrating all of the accomplishments and glory that this blog has achieved.

Post theme, totally unrelated:
(It’s actually a really good song, just fyi.
Only the best music here on the Umai Yomu Anime Blog.)

What do I think of when I hear the words “Umai Yomu Anime Blog”?


Sometimes people ask me, “Yomu, where did you learn to be the best writer in the world?”. My answer? Sorry to tell you, but I was just born great. Best advice I can give is to go back in time and read more books as a kid, maybe you’ll end up as brilliant as I am. Maybe.

But anyways, enough about me and the blog, after all, there’s this award post to get to. Just another one of many, many awards. Have I told you how many awards this blog gets? It’s unbelievable, if I had a dollar for every award, I’d be able to purchase an island. But my investors wouldn’t like that, of course.

So many awards that I was nominated for another one while writing this. What to do with all of these awards? I can only fit so many in the mansion and office. Perhaps I should speak to the Mayor about putting them on display at a local park? I’m sure the children would all be absolutely inspired to see my awards on public display. That sounds like a splendid idea.

Now, I’ve been around the block. You all know this, you all know me. I’m a humble man. The most humble! In fact, you won’t find a more humble man than me! Take this from my friend Lynn, another blogger. Great blogger. Great guy. Good friend of mine! Just the other day, he said this about me:

“Yomu is the most humble blogger I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, always looking to talk about others but never forgetting to take every opportunity to blow his own horn.”

Lynn (

He’s a great guy, he really is. The best, really.
Almost as great as I am humble.

What can I say? It’s not about me, it’s about all of you. By hoarding wealth and success, I can improve my blog’s prestige, making you all feel that much more honoured to lay eyes on the words I’ve written.

I do this for you.

Now, I’ve got a plane to catch for the awards ceremony.
There are many super famous and successful people there waiting for me.

We’ll have to continue this some other time.

Until then,
Thanks for reading.


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