Date A Live S3 E6 – This Just In…

Last episode, Shido and friends sealed Natsumi after dealing with some decommissioned satellites that happened to fall on the city.

What could possibly top that?


I’m going to be frank here.
Don’t panic, I’m sure things will work themselves out…

Shido was kidnapped.
Also, Origami is moving to England.
But not before kidnapping Shido and holding him in an undisclosed location while she acts on her own to slaughter all of the spirits.

In the meantime, the Fraxinus, Ratatoskr’s ship, is attacked by Ellen.

Also, Natsumi is considering marriage with Yoshino.

And that’s about it for now, I’ll try and keep you all updated on the situation as things progress.

Episode Thoughts

Things are really starting to heat up again… after things were already pretty heated last episode… This episode was a fairly quick setup into the next conflict. Origami, the traitor who kept dancing the line between friend and foe previously, has jumped back into foe territory and vowed to murder all of the spirits because she thinks she should do it in order to feel better about her parent’s deaths.

It feels forced to me, this Origami just deciding to outright kill all of the girls that she was previously friendly with. In my eyes, you only get so many chances before enough is enough. Origami has danced that line one too many times. While I know Shido has no spine for this sort of thing and will befriend her immediately when the chance presents itself, I would cut her out for good after this. She had her chance, and she made her choice.

In Conclusion…

Origami is finished in my books.
Anime do-good characters like Shido like to forgive and forget whenever possible, and I’m fine with giving second chances, but Origami can only turn on Shido and his wishes so many times before it’s best to just deal with her once and for all. Either dealing with her via self-defense, or just no longer interacting with her. Both are justified here.

But, this is anime, so we’ll see how Shido manages to bring Origami back to the friends side soon enough I’m sure.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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