Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Review

It’s been a while since I watched Higurashi, but I’d been craving some more psychological anime after recently watching School-Live!. And then I realized that there is a sequel for Higurashi, so I had to get started on that.

It’s great to be back in Hinamizawa!
Hinamizawa is the place to be, everyone should visit at some point!

There are inherent spoilers for the first season, as this is a continuation from the first season. So be warned. While I’m not spoiling what happens this season, I will be spoiling the end of last season as well as possibly a few details that we learn early on this season.


As we had learned previously, there is more to Rika Furude than meets the eye. As the village’s shrine priestess, she commands respect as it is believed she has a closer connection to Oyashiro.

However, last season also ended by revealing that Rika has not experienced the disasters that befall Hinamizawa village once, but many, many times. With each death Rika is sent back to re-live it all over again, and with each reincarnation, she works to prevent the disasters from happening. However, can Rika fight fate when she’s already spent 100 years trying?

Time Loop

It’s Steins;Gate and YU-NO all over again, only this time, it’s Higurashi! The time-loop might be a little longer, but it’s still the same couple of weeks, over and over. And each time, Rika experiences the same things. Whether it be one of her friends losing their mind, as we saw from all of them in the various timelines of last season, or just Rika’s seemingly inevitable death itself. We’ve got a time loop here!

And personally, I love time loops. Possibly because there still aren’t THAT many yet. Aside from the previously mentioned titles, I can think of Re:Zero, Rascal… and that’s it. I’m probably forgetting one or two anime here, but you get the point. We aren’t at isekai levels of time loop yet. Even if we were, I might still just love time loops.

There’s something thrilling about “knowing” what’s going to happen. About a character knowing, and still being unable to stop what is going to happen. Or work to try and stop it. I don’t know exactly how to put this into words, but I just really like this mechanism of using future knowledge in the present to try and solve a problem.

And that’s what we get here!
It’s great.

A Different Main Character

While last season jumped around to various characters, but for the most part portrayed Keiichi as the protagonist, this season moves that role over to Rika. We do have some episodes that look into the past of a certain previously side-character that takes on a much more important role this time, but overall this is Rika’s story now.

I really enjoyed this, and honestly wish we’d get this from more anime.

I’ve always loved stories that shift around our viewpoint from one character to another. Both in situations where the story is always moving forward, and situations where we experience a story first through one persons eyes, and then a second time through someone else’s eyes. I love the change in perspectives.

By viewing it all through Rika’s eyes this time, we get a fresh perspective on everything – the other characters, Hinamizawa, Oyashiro, the disasters… See, Rika knows a lot more than any of the characters we followed last season did. Making this season feel very fresh and different.

This Isn’t Higurashi S1

Obvious, right?

But I think this is a point worth mentioning. This isn’t last season, and in particular, this season does not have the same psychological punch that the first season did. Not only have we already experienced all of those shocking moments from last season, but as I mentioned, Rika knows a lot more about everything than any of the other characters did.

This season does not hit nearly as hard as last season. Not explicitly a bad thing, I still loved this season, and this season still has it’s moments at times… but it’s not the same. So just don’t expect that here.


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai is great. As I said, it really is great to be back in Hinamizawa. Last season ended on a very intriguing and open note – this season will give you all of the answers you may have been seeking. It’s a very satisfying season that still has it’s thrilling moments. It’s a fresh perspective, and a great watch.

I’m going to give Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai a 8.5 / 10.
If I went with the same style I did for my last Higurashi review.. then I’d have to say that “the MAL rating for this one is fair”.

I had a lot of fun watching this one, and revisiting the story that I had experienced in the first season. Even though it’s been over a year, I was right back into things after the first episode.

By the way, Mion is still the best girl from the series.
I think I failed to mention that last time, so here it is.

And that’s it for Higurashi!
A great story, through and through.

Next up I’d like to continue the psychological anime, which is why I’ll be watching the WIXOSS series very soon, and writing about that as well! Hopefully it’s a great thrill like these last few have been!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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