Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Episode 11

Last episode Yuki was hit by a car.
That’s it.


We sort of see the world through Yuki’s eyes, post car-accident. She has Yuki’s memories, and understands how Yuki felt about things, and still considers herself Yuki… just not the Yuki that we knew before the car accident.

Asakura confronts Yuki about this and she explains. They go to the hospital but nothing really comes up on the x-rays. And so this new Yuki goes about Yuki’s daily routine, all while Asakura and Kyon watch her intently to cover for her if she screws something up. But she doesn’t. She’s seemingly just like Yuki, only minus emotions.

Episode Thoughts

Hmm.. how do I say this.. last episode ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, but I felt like the resolution of said cliffhanger was a bit stale this episode. The entire episode was a bit bland, aside from only a few moments that made me chuckle.

I know that Yuki’s “new personality” hasn’t been fully resolved yet or anything like that. Even still this episode felt like it dragged on a bit. The uneasy tone carried on too long in the beginning, considering it was mostly scenes from last episode, and then even after that the tone hadn’t fully gone back to that cheery one that we had for most of the series.

This sudden shift in tone is intriguing, but I need some results before I can properly gauge how well it all worked out. I’ve been going into this anime for the relaxing moments and the humour, so for those two to be cut out makes me have to re-evaluate things.

In Conclusion…

I’m not going to pass any judgement on this story arc yet. I’m definitely still interested in whether this new Yuki is the alien one, or just some sort of side-effect from the car accident. This new tone is also intriguing, but I felt like this episode dragged on a bit so I hope that we don’t get that again moving forward.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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