Date A Live S3 E5 – Revenge of the DEM Industries

Slowly but surely, we’ll get through this season of Date A Live.

My request was for more Natsumi, and thankfully that’s exactly what we get here. Unfortunately though, DEM Industries is making a comeback…

Brief Synopsis

Natsumi disguises herself as a piece of candy, and ends up hiding in Shido’s pocket after he finds her and picks her up. Meanwhile, the disgruntled DEM Industries board members have gone ahead and decommissioned some satellites to strike the city, as Mr. Westcott is currently there. Unfortunately.

The spirits all band together and are able to destroy the satellites after quite the battle with the robotic bandersnatches that were generating shields on a satellite laced with explosives. Natsumi ends up revealing herself at a critical moment to save Shido’s life, and then helps clean things up by using her magic to transform the explosion into a harmless “Boom!”.

After that, Natsumi breaks down and everyone asks her to be their friend.

Episode Thoughts

Natsumi! Needless to say, she is the highlight of this season so far. Natsumi is just too cute, it’s nice to see her becoming more comfortable with her true appearance. Plus her magic is fun to watch as she transforms enemies, projectiles, et cetera, into candy and things like this. Her green hair also rounds out the spirit roster fairly well.

Now that I’ve had my Natsumi fill… I’d like to see Kurumi once again!

I’d also like to never see DEM Industries, Westcott, and Ellen ever again. I feel like the whole powerhungry + superwealthy CEO of a massive corporation is so cliche, and season two was enough of it for me. Westcott and his edgy “I know something you don’t” attitude kills the series. I just want more cute spirits going on dates with Shido, and Kurumi.

Of course, I’ve basically mentioned this once per post since season two, so I’m sure you all realize this by now. But I have to voice my disappointment, because it’s looking like Westcott is going to take centre stage again soon.

Wrapping Up…

Natsumi is great, and I hope that she doesn’t just get pushed aside like the twins did last season. But I have a feeling that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

I foresee the anime shifting focus to Origami, Westcott / Ellen, possibly Tohka / Dark Tohka, and hopefully Kurumi. Hopefully they can get Natsumi in there somewhere, but it’s looking a lot like a repeat of last season right now. Hoping I’m wrong on that though!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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