The Umai Yomu Anime Blog: 2019 in Review

It’s that time of year, and I figure why not write up a quick review of 2019 before we move onto some announcements in future posts.

Relevant post theme:

2019 Memories

I won’t spend too much time on specific posts, because I can milk this idea with another post going over my favourite 2019 posts…


Let’s talk about 2019 a bit.
My 2nd unofficial full year of blogging.

This Art Club Has A Problem! / Konobi

While it’s been over for quite a while, this was the collab I started all the way back in January, which ran for about 4 months, when my afterthoughts post is included. This collab pretty much dominated the blog at the time with 2 posts per week. I feel like I’ve typed the words “This Art Club Has A Problem!” a thousand times too many.

That said, it was a lot of fun doing the collab and jumping to everyone else’s blogs to read their thoughts on the same episode, all based on a random theme chosen from one of my episode themes lists. It sure has been a while, but thanks again to Aria, Jon Spencer, Jenn, Karandi, L-zerb, and WhoAmI? for all joining in at some point, and special thanks to Aria and Jon for sticking with me till the end.

I keep mentioning wanting to do another collab of sorts.
Still waiting on that crazy inspiration to come through.
One of these days though!

Konobi Collette's lovely locket

Anime A to Z Challenge Complete!

In 2018 I had begun the challenge to watch an anime from each letter of the alphabet, starting with A. And in January 2019 I was on the letter N. Since then, of course, I’ve finished the challenge completely, meaning that I have watched and written about at least one anime per letter of the alphabet.

This was a really fun way to not only discover new anime titles, but also to force myself to actually write about everything I had watched! Lately, I’ve been watching anime and not mentioning it here. For example, I watched the entirety of Fairy Tail over the last few months! But I don’t really feel like writing about it…

So another challenge or something like this definitely could be a good idea for next year.

Quiz Magic Academy anime tiger wrestling

Akatsuki Records

This year was the year I heard a song by Akatsuki Records, and then decided to write reviews for all 28 of their official YouTube releases. Now this deal is sort of in limbo as they have no more songs to cover on their YouTube, but I do hear that 2 new PVs will be coming out soon…

One song at a time and just like that it’s all done. Crazy.
I may have to look for other Japanese artists to review.

Seasonal Posting

2019 was the year I began posting weekly thoughts on seasonal anime with Pastel Memories, Circlet Princess, Arifureta, and Isekai Cheat Magician. It’s also possibly the last year I do this, as I kept on feeling like weekly viewings just aren’t as enjoyable. While I think my analysis is much more on point when I do this, and that my series reviews for those four shows are excellent, it’s not as fun.

So who knows, maybe I’ll pick up a show here and there, or maybe not.

Episodic Posting / Daily Posting

This year was also the first year I tried episodic posting, as well as daily posting, with a different show for each day of the week. I’m surprised I kept it up as long as I did, to be honest, with mostly consistent posts for about 10 months. The thing is, because of my self-imposed schedule I essentially fell into watching one episode of each show per week, and writing about it. And I’ve already mentioned how I don’t have as much fun when I’m only watching one episode of something per week.

And really some episodes simply don’t have a lot going on, not enough to really merit a post. Which is why the shows that I am still posting weekly I’ve been keeping them much more brief, and that’s how I’ll be doing it going forward if I ever end up covering every episode of a less thought-provoking anime.

As for daily posting, well, I sort of like being able to skip out on posts most days. It lets me write future posts in advance, like this one, and it also gives me time to write posts for the other blog…

Ecchi Hunter

This year Lynn and I launched Ecchi Hunter, a blog focused mainly on ecchi highlights at the moment but we do have other ideas of content we’d like to do. Since we began Ecchi Hunter back in June, our focus has been on just getting steady content out. It’s taken a lot of my energy away from this blog, and considering we’ve been very successful so far with views on that blog, I’d like to continue my focus there.

Which is another reason why I’m liking only posting 3 or so times per week on this blog, which is actually what I used to do in 2018!

weiss survive all nude card

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Finally, this was the year that I wrote analysis posts for each character in Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, with my final post only very recently coming out analyzing the Rascal Does Not Dream of Dreaming Girl movie sequel.

Not only were these posts a lot of fun to write, but they are actually my most-viewed posts of the year. My post titled The Makinohara Shouko Question. has gotten a ton of hits from Google, thanks to it being ranked well when someone searches Shouko’s name. It’s my most viewed post of 2019, and on the blog entirely.

In addition, including that post, 8 of my top 10 posts in terms of views in the lifetime of this blog are analysis posts for Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. In other words, they’re my golden ticket to fame and fortune!!

Just kidding, but I do want to look into more analytical style posts like this where I take a series I really enjoy and go through it in the same way I did with Rascal.

And I do have something planned on that front, which I will be announcing in a future announcement post!

sakurajima mai ED

Wrapping Up…

If there’s anything big I’ve missed from this year, sorry about that. There were a lot of collabs and the like, thanks to everyone who has passed the buck forward to me, as I do enjoy writing tag posts and answering questions. The creative ones are also a lot of fun.

It’s been a great year, a lot has happened.
But even more is going to happen in 2020..!

I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit from this year and am going to use that knowledge to try and improve the blog going forward, as well as improve my personal experience so that I can keep having fun writing blog posts!

So to wrap up 2019 on the Umai Yomu Anime Blog, I’d just like to say
Thank you everyone for a great year!

Two years in, and yet I feel like I’m only just getting started here…

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!!

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