Date A Live S3 E4 – More Natsumi Pls

I’ve got a fever, and the cure is.. more Natsumi!
Will I be cured this episode, or be doomed to a fever for eternity?!

Or until next episode.


Shido is now stuck with a bunch of children. And so, he sort of gets by while having to look after a bunch of children, because I guess Ratatoskr can’t spare the resources. Natsumi proceeds to prank him several times, by tranforming his house and their outfits, things like this. Eventually she goes a bit too far, and Ratatoskr is alerted to her location – as well as our old friend from DEM Industries – Ellen.

Ellen arrives and manages to cut Natsumi’s stomach open, but miss her vitals. With Natsumi losing blood, her magic power begins to fade. Just as Ellen is about to finish her off, little Tohka arrives with the other sisters to protect her. They are all teleported to Ratatoskr’s airship.

Shido and the other spirits then proceed to try and boost Natsumi’s self-confidence in her true appearance by putting her through a comprehensive.. what would you call it? “Beauty day”? Basically she got a massage, her hair done, new clothes, and makeup. I feel like there’s a word for that but I can’t think of it.

After that the episode ends with Origami being contacted by Ellen, to be recruited into DEM Industries…!

Episode Thoughts

We did indeed get more Natsumi, which was excellent. But I’m still feeling a little lightheaded… I need more! Natsumi reminds me a lot of Yoshino when we first saw her, because she was so cute I couldn’t help but screencap her everytime she was on screen. Natsumi is like that, only almost more adorable because she’s so shy about her appearance.

So for the past few episodes there’s been a story on the side that has been brewing, and that, unfortunately, is DEM Industries. Can someone just take that company out for good? I just want to see Shido, new spirits, and dates. Is that too much to ask for?

So with the DEM Industries stuff, I guess the CEO is still hellbent on capturing spirits or something, with Ellen helping him. His board of directors tried to stand up to him and were all physically put in their place, with broken arms all around, and now plan on decommissioning some DEM Industries satellites onto the city where the CEO is currently located. Which I’m guessing is Shido’s home city.

On the plus side, Natsumi’s powers haven’t been sealed yet, so there’s still hope that we’ll get to see Shido date her soon. That could be the highlight of the season! Definitely hoping for it.

In Conclusion…

I don’t like to see DEM Industries back in the picture, but hopefully whatever conflict they drum up is dealt with in a concise manner. Natsumi has been good enough that I’d be satisfied with her being the only new spirit of the season, if we get a good date episode, but I’d probably still prefer another new spirit over more fights with Ellen and DEM Industries.

The real treat was seeing more of Natsumi.
Let’s hope for more of that next episode!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Date A Live S3 E4 – More Natsumi Pls

  1. darkdaemonpk2

    Basically, Natsumi is to Miku and the things they have in common is that they both did the same annoying things like making a ruckus but Miku is still annoying by a landslide. Yup, they are both annoying. No wonder a lot of organizations are after this bratty kids trying to kill them.

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