Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Episode 8

The literature club has headed to a hot springs resort over the summer break, to relax and stuff. And that just about catches us up from last episode!


The literature club arrives at the hot spring resort, which seems to have no other guests. They play ping pong, sing karaoke, and of course relax in the baths, of which they have indoor and open-air baths. And the open-air baths are what is called “Matchmaking” baths, as there is a little door between the male and female baths that females can open to look into the male bath.

And that’s about it.

Episode Thoughts

Another very relaxed and mostly cute episode of Nagato Yuki-chan. There’s really nothing for me to examine or dive into, it’s just slice of life!

The matchmaking door between the baths was pretty interesting, in a comical way. I don’t really see that many people getting together via a peeping door between the baths that only females can open, but I guess maybe once in a blue moon some people could end up striking up a conversation thanks to it.

Funniest parts of the episode for me were when Haruhi was announcing the events, a couple of people would quietly clap. It was a pathetically quiet clap, the kind that makes you think it’d be better that no one clapped at all. Which of course was the funny aspect of it all.

Oh, and the karaoke room had a bath in it for some reason, which Koizumi decided to hop into. Just a funny scene to observe.

That’s all for this episode.

Sometimes these posts will be on the very short side, but I think that’s fair considering there usually isn’t all that much to write about with slice of life anime. They’re pretty straightforward, at least the super relaxed ones like this!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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