Date A Live S3 E3 – Well, That Was Unexpected

Shido went on some dates and then Yuzuru disappeared on him at midnight. Seems that one person will disappear every night until he manages to guess who Natsumi was hidden as!

Surely it can’t be that difficult, right?


Shido proceeds to date Kotori, those three girls from school, Kaguya, and Miku.. hopefully I didn’t forget anyone there, but it’s not all that important. What’s important is that after dating all these girls, that night, Natsumi appears before Shido and Kotori. Figuring it’s worth a shot, Shido throws out a guess – Yoshino. He thought she acted a bit bold in kissing his cheek on their date.

Well Shido guessed wrong. And as a result, Yoshino and some other people, I think those girls from school, disappear. The next day, Shido dates the remaining girls – Origami, his teacher… was there anyone else?

That night Natsumi makes some more people disappear. Afterwards, Shido holds a strategy meeting with Kotori, Tohka, Origami, Miku, and Kaguya. He figures all of these girls are too distinct for Natsumi to be able to copy. They then strategize, but are unable to figure it out. Natsumi appears before them and taunts them, after which Shido figures it out.

It was… Yoshinon! That’s right, the puppet Yoshino carries around. This causes everyone to reappear before Shido, and we get to see Natsumi’s true form – essentially a younger version of what we’ve seen of her so far. Natsumi then runs off. The episode then ends on one final bombshell – everyone who has reappeared is a kid!

Episode Thoughts

Hmm, well to be fair to the anime, they DID drop a hint that it was Yoshinon during Shido’s date with Yoshino, as Yoshinon commented on something that Yoshino herself couldn’t have seen as it was under the table or something like this. Still, I was kind of hoping for some sort of behavioural hint.. so while creative it was a bit of a letdown I think.

Plus I feel like they didn’t have to rush through this so fast. It would have been cool to watch Shido date everyone over more episodes, and then we have to pick apart each date to figure out who Natsumi was disguised as. Seems like a little “mystery” that could have been capitalized on pretty well.

Anyways, it was still a decent conclusion. I liked Shido’s date with Kotori, where she goes in for a kiss after telling him to watch her reaction and then instead he takes the ribbons from her hair, causing her to start crying.

The ending took me a while to figure out. The episode ends with Shido in shock, and I had to watch the scene several times until I realized the girls were all younger. To be honest, they didn’t look that much different at first glance.

Yoshinon does look much younger now that I think about it…

In Conclusion…

Overall, it wasn’t a bad episode but it did feel like this Natsumi story was a little rushed. Maybe they should have used less suspects and fleshed out the dates more, I don’t know. It just didn’t feel as satisfying as I think it could have been.

Regardless, we’re moving onto a new problem which is that everyone is younger for some reason. Not sure what to expect from that, to be honest! We’ll just have to wait and see, as usual.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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