Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Episode 7

7 is a very nice number.
So what does it have in store for us?


Haruhi plans a trip to a hot springs resort, thanks to a good deal from Tsuruya. She creates itineraries for the whole club, complete with everyone’s “post trip remarks” before they’d even gone on the trip! This way they don’t have to worry about having to submit anything later, as it’s already completed.

The literature club, plus Asahina and Tsuruya, take the train to a town near the mountains. They then spend the day going to souvenir shops, getting food, and at a temple, while waiting for their shuttle bus that will take them to the resort.

Episode Thoughts

This episode felt super comfy to me. While nothing too crazy is happening, it’s just a standard trip, there were many funny moments and it was just enjoyable to sit back and watch the characters react to their surroundings as they proceeded to the resort. This is what slice of life is all about! Normal, everyday life, but with some comedy added into the mix.

As I mentioned, there were some funny moments here.

First was when everyone was at a cafe. Haruhi learns that the nearby temple has a “power spot”. Kyon cracks a joke, and absolutely no one reacts to it whatsoever. Then instead of saying anything, we just seen Kyon put his head down for the rest of the scene. No other attention drawn to him. I just loved the subtle way that was handled.

Next is at the power spot, Haruhi has learned that burning incense will help make the body stronger (while in the power spot). So she has Itsuki toss in bundles of incense in order to maintain a thick smoke around her. Tsuruya also joins in, until Asakura attempts to drag them both away.

Finally, I thought it was funny how Haruhi had pre-written everyone’s thoughts of the trip before it had happened. But unfortunately, no one actually reads any of them out loud. Feels like a good joke could have been included there, with a sort of “wait, I said what?!” situation.

Oh, and initially when the episode begins we see Asakura intently studying her math book – probably a reference to last episode where she attempted to answer a math question that her class hadn’t learned yet and failed. I thought that was a funny and neat little reference.

In Conclusion…

Great episode. Love the tone this series has taken. Once again the art style lends itself so well to this relaxed tone, and the anime is really starting to establish itself.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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