Date A Live S3 E2 – Disappearing Act!

The witch spirit Natsumi has pushed Shido into a very interesting game – one of his 12 friends is actually Natsumi in disguise. If he can’t figure out who is the imposter, people will start to disappear!

And with that, it’s time for Shido to begin his search.


The episode opens up with Mr. Westcott at a DEM Industries board meeting, where he hints at future plans for the spirits or something like this.

Afterwards, it’s back to the more interesting plotline – Natsumi’s game! After another quick explanation, Shido is off to begin what will be a series of dates with ALL of the suspects. First up is Tohka, and after thorough testing, Shido concludes she is probably Tohka. Next is Yoshino, and once again, Shido figures that she is probably Yoshino.

Then Shido meets with his friend Tonomachi, which we don’t actually see. Finally, he ends the day with Yuzuru, where things get pretty intimate. Yuzuru then tells Shido to treasure Kaguya, accidentally gives away that she loves Shido (while explaining how much Kaguya loves Shido), and runs off.

The next day Shido is slated to date Kotori, but his morning is disturbed by someone at his door – Kaguya. We then find out that Yuzuru had disappeared the night prior, at midnight!

Episode Thoughts

First off, I wasn’t happy to see Mr. Westcott. I don’t to see anymore of his evil plans or anymore conflict with his super powerful organization. I just want to see Shido, spirits, and all that involves (dating and occasional fights). The AST here and there is fine too. But please no more DEM Industries!

Luckily that was only a small part of the episode. The rest was pretty good, with Shido’s dates. While there wasn’t too much comedy this time around, it was still enjoyable watching Shido spend time with Tohka, Yoshino, and Yuzuru. Out of the three I really enjoyed the moments with Yuzuru, because we never get to see her away from Kaguya. Was a really nice scene.

Also, while the animation has definitely changed, and there are some “poor quality” moments, I actually think that there are some moments that feel more charming. Sometimes fancy animation can lose that more casual / cutesy style that I also love. Like this image of Tohka, for example:

Also this is just a pet peeve of mine, but there was one moment with Yuzuru where the two of them looked at the city all lit up and commented on how pretty it was… Here’s the deal: if not for light pollution, they would have been able to see something MUCH more beautiful right above them – the stars! How sad is it that we have to compromise the beauty of the heavens for some streetlights!

Just something I’ve always been bitter about. I wish I didn’t have to drive hours away from civilization, using a “dark map” just to figure out where I can go to see the stars that humanity was able to look up and see every night for thousands and thousands of years. What a step backwards. How many people in history were inspired by the sheer beauty of the stars? And now most of us won’t even properly see them ONCE in our entire lifetimes, aside from in pictures. It’s not the same to see the stars in a picture!

In Conclusion…

Sorry about that. Whenever I see a lit up city used as a depiction of beauty, it upsets me because no city comes remotely close to the beauty of the stars when fully visible, even if it is still pretty.

As for the concluding thoughts, this episode was great. Maybe not as exciting as last episode, but still enjoyable and it’s established that one person will disappear for every day that Shido doesn’t guess (or guesses wrong?). The pressure is on now.

I’m keeping my own eyes on the suspects too! Maybe the anime will give us some sort of signal that Shido will miss…

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Date A Live S3 E2 – Disappearing Act!

  1. “And now most of us won’t even properly see them ONCE in our entire lifetimes, aside from in pictures. It’s not the same to see the stars in a picture!”

    I grew up on a farm, so when I hear people get nostalgic about playing outside or simpler times, I have to take it with a grain of salt.

    I would not go back. I prefer working with a computer to chiseling dust out of my nostrils!

    There’s just one exception.

    I could go down to our barns, lay down in the grass, and look at the sky. There was a single pole light about two miles away. Otherwise, it was dark.

    But my God, the stars were amazing. Looking at Sagittarius and the center of the galaxy was — I’m not sure how else to say it — spiritually profound. Watching the planets slowly change their places along the ecliptic somehow made the hugeness of the cosmos even more real.

    And seeing Jupiters moons, either in binoculars (which were great for scanning the Milky Way) or a telescope was stupidly cool. From night to night you could see the Galilean moons shift position!

    Now that I live in the suburbs, I’m lucky to do any planetary observations!

    The mystery in this episode was well done. I didn’t figure it out, though I think I was at least theoretically close.

    I’m really looking forward to reading your reactions to some of the future episodes. A couple of them made me sit straight up in amazement!

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    1. Haha, well I’m glad that at least one person understands my frustration at light pollution. I’ll take my bitterness to the grave when it comes to that – there are even downward coned streetlights out there that can be used which would dramatically reduce light pollution, but no one cares enough. In reality, they just don’t know what they are missing.

      I’ve already finished E3 and I can tell you know I didn’t figure it out either. It’s a very specific detail to look for, and I completely missed it… but so far this season has been good fun. No Kurumi yet I guess, but I think these episodes are better than what we got in S2 early on so far.

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