Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Episode 6

It’s Yuki time again, with more slice of life shenanigans in the literature club!


Kyon does poorly on a test, prompting him to ask Asakura to tutor him. At club, Haruhi shows up and notes that what Kyon is learning is something that she and Itsuki had learned a year prior (they are in a prep school). Kyon takes offense to this, and fires up Asakura into believing that she has to prove her academic worth on behalf of the school. She is given a question, but fails. The buck is passed to Yuki, who answers it, but then begins to speak like an alien when prompted on how she reached the answer.

In addition there were a few other bits, one featuring Mikuru, and one featuring accidental intimate moments between Kyon and Yuki, causing Asakura to do the whole “sorry for the intrusion” gag.

Episode Thoughts

I really enjoyed this episode. Lot of fun moments, and it felt like a good amount of things happened. It was funny watching Asakura get fired up to represent their school after Kyon made up some “rumours” that students considered her the school’s academic representative, only to break out in tears after looking at the question.

I also liked the tie-in to Yuki’s alien speak from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, by framing it aas “Yuki is super smart, but terrible at explanations, and so it sounds like an alien language when she tries to explain something”. I thought it was creative and a great way to link Yuki to her former alien self.

I’m also loving the use of chibi faces and exaggerated expressions – two staples of the genre, in my opinion!

In Conclusion…

Loved the episode. Once again I’m really loving the addition of Asakura into the cast, compared to Melancholy. It’s been quite the relaxing, fun, light-hearted anime so far!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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