Date A Live S3 E1 – The Witch Spirit

All right, it’s time to get back into Date A Live with Season 3!
Let’s get more spirit dating action!


Shido is sent to find the spirit behind a recent spatial quake at an abandoned amusement park. There he meets Natsumi, a witch spirit who has a very strong “Onee-san” personality. During their encounter, the AST attack, and Natsumi fends them off, but accidentally reveals something about herself that she wanted kept a secret.

Believing that Shido witnessed her secret, Natsumi vows to destroy him. She uses her magic to impersonate Shido, trying to ruin his reputation at school. After she is found out, she issues a new challenge to Shido – she will impersonate one of his friends, and unless he guesses correctly, they will all disappear!

Episode Thoughts

We’re back! It felt good to jump back into Date A Live, I actually think the break helped too. It looks like the animation quality has taken a hit this time around, but I suppose that’s understandable considering this is a third season and unless a series is 10/10, new seasons tend to pass around between studios and budgets tend to decrease…

Here’s an example of that.

Still, it’s nice to see the Date A Live cast once again. And this episode really opened up strong with Natsumi, who seems like a very cool character. It’s fairly apparent that she has some sort of insecurity in regards to her true appearance, and so she uses her magic to look differently. Thus her secret is actually her real appearance, which she accidentally revealed for a split second to Shido (we didn’t get to see it though).

A little dating action, and then the introduction of what looks to be a fun premise with a guessing game. Already I’m liking where this season is going, as no major villain was introduced or anything like last season. I don’t want to see Shido fight some powerful villain or anything, I just want to see him encounter and date new spirits!

In Conclusion…

This episode felt like a strong introduction into the season. Animation quality isn’t a huge deal to me as long as everything else is working out, and everything seems great so far. Looking forward to seeing what happens next with this guessing game that Shido has to partake in!

I’m also very curious as to what Natsumi’s real appearance is.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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