Best of: 暁Records!

Best of their YouTube releases, at least.
The songs that I’ve covered here, once per week, until there were none left to write about! Time flies.

I figure I can’t just end it there. I also have no idea when they will add another song. It’s been 3 months, so maybe soon, but it all depends on whoever is creating the PVs for their songs, because that seems to be the requirement for them to put a song on the YouTube channel for all to hear.

Considering there are 28 songs in total, that means I should do a.. best of 7.
The top 25% seems like a good amount for the “best of” post.

While I did rate each song already when I wrote about them, I’m now declaring all of the scores obsolete as I didn’t have the full picture of just how good Akatsuki Records can get. For a while each song felt like it had raised the bar. Plus I never took that too seriously anyways, they’re all great!

So with that, here’s my new ranking…
Top 7 暁Records YouTube songs!
Starting with #7…

#7 – 少女救世論
(Girl’s Salvation Theory)

Girl’s Salvation Theory is a very cool track. It was the first time I had heard Stack’s powerful voice, because my first two tracks were ones where she had sung with her more wacky voice. I legitimately thought it was a different vocalist when I got to this one. Eventually I figured out that the vocalist for LOVE EAST was the same as the vocalist for Girl’s Salvation Theory, and my mind was blown!

Stack’s amazing vocals are a consistent pattern with these songs.

Anyways, there are two things I really liked about this one. First is that it’s inspired by 3 separate Touhou tracks, which is more than any other song on the Akatsuki YouTube. It’s awesome to be able to hear all three originals in this one track.

The other thing I really enjoyed was Stack’s vocals. As I mentioned, this was the first time I heard her sing with such a powerful voice, and it really left an impact on me as to just how amazing her vocals are. It’s a huge difference from LOVE EAST, for instance…


Which just so happens to be next on the list!

LOVE EAST was the very first Akatsuki Records song I ever listened to, and it’s the one that I loved so much I wanted to write about it here on the blog. It’s just such a unique and high energy song that has a way different feel from the standard “anime” style music that we normally listen to in OPs and EDs. I just had to feature it, and that led to all of this!

The unconventional style of this song, the wacky sounding nature of it is what really drew me into Akatsuki Records. That was sort of their pitch to me – come for the wacky and unique sound, stay for the rest. Overall just an excellent song that deserves a spot here on this list!

#5 – トレジャーチル (Treasure Cirno)!

Speaking of wacky, that brings me to the next entry – Treasure Cirno! The song that is, in my opinion, the wackiest of them all. It’s just such an oddball song, I can’t think of a single other song that even comes close to what Treasure Cirno manages to do!

The song opens up with a warm and gentle sounding intro, that makes you think this is going to be something with a more serious tone… only for the song to completely throw that out and go off the deep end! Stack not only goes nuts with her wacky voice in this one, but she even does exaggerated laughs and coughs and whatnot at parts. It’s just such a crazy song.

But it’s also super catchy! Seriously, one of the catchiest Akatsuki songs there is, and they’re ALL catchy. An amazing tune, super high energy, definitely one worth listening to!

#4 – TOP SECRET -My Red World-

TOP SECRET -My Red World- is a song that almost feels like a journey. Many of Akatsuki’s songs tell a story, but I feel like this one really sets a tone and sticks with it. As it’s based on a vampire, it follows that theme with a really cool bridge after the second chorus that has a dark feel where Stack sings about spilling blood, essentially.

Overall, this song just has a really cool tone, on top of the melodies that work perfectly. Everything feels tuned and crafted to perfection in this one!


Akatsuki Records has treated us with all sorts of songs: wacky, powerful, dark, emotional… but what I really loved about Sci-Fi ROMANCE TRAVELER was just how relaxing it felt. It’s hard to describe, but this is the sort of song that I want to crank up the volume and then just lie down.

It’s catchy but not high energy. It’s straightforward with no crazy twists or anything, just a consistent and relaxing song that I feel like I could listen to on repeat forever. And as a result, it’s definitely earned a spot on this list.

#2 – 月見草 (Evening Primrose)

If I had to describe Evening Primrose in a single word, it’d be “beautiful”. If beauty had an audio form, this would be it. Everything about this song, from start to finish, vocals to background melodies, exudes beauty. Without question it’s the most beautiful song Akatsuki Records has to offer (on their YouTube at least).

I love this song, and it also has a very relaxing feel to it. But I also feel like it has more passion and a more refined sound, if that makes any sense.

Unlike most songs, this one is actually sung by cheluce, who has an amazing voice that sets a very beautiful tone. Not just in this song either, as her other songs have a similar feel – the ones I’ve listened to, at least.

All around this is just an amazing song. It doesn’t sound like an Akatsuki Records track, with a more conventional feel, and yet, it’s so amazing that I’m not surprised it’s Akatsuki Records.

Honourable Mention – ENDLESS FANTASY

Getting close to the end here, I had to include ENDLESS FANTASY somewhere. It’s an honourable mention, but it could have been the #1 song on this list! The reason it isn’t even in the top 7? It’s just too short.

The version of ENDLESS FANTASY provided on the Akatsuki Records YouTube channel is only a preview of the song, and so it’s only 2 minutes long. There is a full 5 minute version of the song, but in this instance they decided not to release the full version. And that’s the ONLY reason this song isn’t at the top of this list.

The fact is, this is probably my most listened to song on the Akatsuki Records YouTube. Not only is it covering one of my favourite Touhou tracks, Necrofantasia, but the chorus for this song is just so amazing that I can’t help but yearn for more every single time I hear it. And I’ve listened to it quite a bit – I still just can’t get enough.

This is a very high quality song that unfortunately just isn’t the full version. Which is why I’ll keep it here as an honourable mention.

#1 – 二人の結晶-INNOCENCE-

That’s right, my #1 pick for Akatsuki Records tracks is the one and only: -INNOCENCE-! I simply love this song. From beginning to end, something about it has just clicked with me. -INNOCENCE-, out of all the Akatsuki songs, is the one that makes me want to just crank the volume up, sit back, and enjoy.

This song is an experience in itself. It doesn’t have the power, energy, emotion, or beauty of their other songs, but -INNOCENCE- still has managed to become my favourite Akatsuki song. I knew this would be my pick since before I had even finished listening to all of their songs.

It’s the one that I never skip when it comes on, whether I’m out for a walk or in the car. It’s the one that I always turn the volume up on. It’s the one that I always put my thoughts on pause to just let it sink in.

I don’t know exactly what it is about this song, but it just works for me perfectly. Stacks vocals and the melodies of -INNOCENCE- are just too addictive. Addictive enough to easily merit the #1 spot on my list of top 7 Akatsuki Records (YouTube) songs!

And that does it for the Best of: Akatsuki Records!
I’d been wanting to get around to this post now that I’ve caught up on their YouTube. Once again, I’ll keep an eye out for new songs and write about them as they come out, but there’s just no guarantee when that will be.

Below you can find my complete list of Akatsuki Records posts.
I not only feature the Akatsuki songs in my posts, but I also provide links to all of the original Touhou tracks that inspired them (LOVE EAST being the sole exception). It’s fun to listen to the two side-by-side, so if that interests you, check them out!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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