Episodic Posts

Well, I said I would stick it through with some anime, but I’ve also recently decided that I’m going to be more conservative with the anime that I write about on an episodic basis.

Simply put, some anime just lack the substance necessary to merit one post per episode. That’s something I’ve learned recently. And when it’s a struggle to find something to write about for each episode, it’s also a struggle to want to even watch the next episode…

Post theme, because why not:

With that in mind, I’ve decided that I’m done writing posts for every episode of Assassins Pride and Shuffle!. I’ll watch them through till the end, but I just can’t bring myself to bother writing so much about them when it feels like they are seriously lacking in content. Shuffle! is a great example of an anime that hasn’t really brought much to the table in 9 episodes. I just can’t bear to write about another 15 posts for Shuffle! when I could just watch the entire series and write my thoughts in one go.

I’ve also realized that unenjoyable anime feel so much worse when writing about each episode. It really forces me to re-examine the same issues over and over, which only increases my disdain for the anime. Pastel Memories is a good example of that! Every single episode I was basically rehashing the same issues, it got pretty tedious. Mind you I believe my review was on point because I had spent so much time on the individual episodes. So there is that benefit to it!

There are some anime that I feel make perfect sense for episodic reviews though. Clannad has shown me that. There are always topics to talk about, comedy to point out, and possibilities to ponder. Anime that contain many subtle elements and depth really benefit from an examination of each episode.

If we take a closer look here, we can see that Nagisa is sad. This could be an indication of a deeper root cause, such as sadness.

I figured I may as well put an update out there for this because I just can’t be bothered to continue with the episodic content for Assassins Pride and Shuffle!.

Clannad: After Story will be episodic, and I haven’t yet decided what I want to do for Date A Live S3. We’ll see.

I’ve got some other ideas in the works as well, just have to begin banking posts and get a nice head start.

I also keep mentioning I’d like to host another collab of sorts, and that’s still true. Need to flesh out a good idea for that I think!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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