Celebrating the Real Neat Blog Award!!

Very recently I’ve come to realize that self-reflection is an important thing. Well, more accurately, I mean self-reflection in regards to this blog.

Post theme (a classic!):

I do regularly self-reflect on myself as a person, and I encourage you all to do the same whenever you can. I think it’s important. Have some conversations with yourself, keep yourself on track and pick yourself apart in order to figure out what you truly want, and what you believe is your best course of action.

Anyways, yesterday’s Real Neat Blog Award brought my back to some of my older posts, and helped me realize that I really enjoyed writing funny and nonsensical posts. I think my casual style hasn’t changed much, but I would like to write more posts like I used to. I think episodic posting can be a distraction from that, it was for me at least. We’ll see what I can do in time.

Until then… the rules haven’t changed, it’s the same ol’ Real Neat Blog Award you all know and love. This time sponsored by Inskidee of Inskime, an anime blog that I hadn’t known about previously, my apologies Inskidee!

I typically don’t read posts about anime I haven’t seen, and when I looked at your posts they pretty much fit that category. It happens like that sometimes, I’m sure I’d have viewed one of your posts eventually.

The rules:

  • Display the logo.
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and link their blog.
  • Answer their questions.
  • Nominate new bloggers.
  • Ask them seven questions.

Inskidee’s Questions

What is the worst thing you’ve ever smelled?

I’ve taken a moment to ponder this one, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been pretty fortunate when it comes to bad smell exposure. There really isn’t any extreme examples for me here. Worst thing is probably just sewage, although I have a real disdain for the smell of burnt hair also. Pretty tame, and I’m thankful for that!

What is your most useless talent?

I feel like pretty much everything has a use in some way or another. It’s a fun question but I can’t think of a legitimate answer aside from maybe being good at any particular video game, which I guess in the grand scheme of life is useless. But then having fun is useful in its own way, so even then…

I’ll throw something else out there to cover up for the lack of an answer: plain cooked pasta makes me gag. I need some sort of sauce on that, just can’t do it plain. When testing if pasta is done or not, I basically just snip it with my front teeth without committing the noodle to my mouth because I just can’t do plain cooked pasta. And don’t get me started on plain uncooked pasta…

What is your absolute worst fear?
(Inskidee fears goat eyes).

(Do you fear eating goat eyes?
Or do you fear those beady / lazy / droopy eyes staring you down?)

I’m both claustrophobic and acrophobic, but I’d say both are mild. The claustrophobia would only kick in if I was basically stuck in a crawlspace where I was unable to turn around, and forced to move either forwards or backwards. And the acrophobia would kick in at about 1 story high, if I was leaning over a railing or something like this. If I’m on solid ground it doesn’t matter how high up I am though, so I would have to lean over a railing or feel like I could fall somehow. Neither really affect my everyday life.

Those are the ones I don’t have much control over, they just sort of kick in. In terms of life fears, or whatever you’d call that, I don’t have any.

You will be given 200k dollars if you trade in one of your body parts. Which one will you trade in?

Damn, my appendix is already gone.

I don’t suppose a toenail counts as a body part? I could spare one of my baby toenails, but nothing more.

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Technically I could if I wanted to, but I couldn’t be bothered. If I had to though, I’d change my name from Chris to Maximilian. I was actually almost named Maximilian, so I’d get approval from my mom on that one at least! I quite like the name too, and it sounds good with my Germanic last name.

What is the absolute, most worthless purchase you’ve made?

I’ve purchased games that I still have never played to this day, so that would be the practical answer. I don’t typically buy things aside from the occasional game and food, so that’s all I can think of.

I bet you’re trying to expose people who bought Winrar, aren’t you?
Sorry Inskidee, but you won’t catch me on that one!

What was your most gullible moment or what was the craziest thing you’ve believed? Don’t lie, we’ve all had one.

I believe plenty of things that’d be considered crazy. Or on the flip side, I’m open to all sorts of possibilities. Historical, scientific, geopolitical, nothing is off the table.

Buildings on the moon? I think it’s possible. Einstein was wrong? Maybe he was. Tesla certainly thought so. I also understand that the victors write the history books – history is not as black and white as the textbooks make it seem. Plus we’re not as good at keeping proper records of history as it seems. There’s all sorts of misinformation, or mistakes, or disinformation, or whatever out there. And this isn’t a jab at fake news, although I do think a lot of modern news is dishonest and designed to get clicks / reactions / express a certain biased viewpoint.

When I was a kid I used to always think “what if <insert law of X here> was actually wrong, and there’s another theory that actually also proves the observable reality, but also opens the door for even more possibilities?” and I still sort of think like that. Maybe there’s some alternative theory that fits perfectly with Newton’s laws, but also properly explains dark matter, or the aether, or whatever. I’m no expert, but I can at least keep that possibility open, because there’s no reason not to. It’s always interesting to consider new things.

Plus, a lot of modern science isn’t as settled as you may think. Many of those studies you see quoted in media publications might just be flat out wrong.

Quiz Magic Academy anime girl

Well that was a fun set of questions. I know the last one was probably more looking for an answer like “I believed in Santa until I was 15”, but I genuinely think that it’s important to maintain an open mind. Keep nothing off the table, because the moment you do, you trap yourself in a box and lock out potential possibilities. Arrogance is the enemy when it comes to these things I think.

And yeah, I listened to Rockefeller Street the entire time I was writing this. If I had to pick a song to listen to on repeat forever, this would at least be a contender for my pick. I’d have to think about that one though, because that’s a pretty loaded question in itself!

Thanks Inskidee for the questions!
I’ve got one more of these, so I’ll save my own questions and nominations till the end of that.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating the Real Neat Blog Award!!

  1. Inskidee

    Thank you for your answers! I personally found the answer to your last question interesting to read. It’s was unexpected but nonetheless, a joy.

    To answer your question on goat eyes I hate looking at them. The longest I stared them in the eyes was 2 seconds and I could barely get past that without gagging. Eating them would be even worse. I’d rather not imagine it…

    Thanks for taking the time to answer them!

    Liked by 1 person

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