Clannad Episode 23 – Summer Break

Looks like this is actually the final episode of Clannad.
Which means I was a bit mistaken, and graduation is not until After Story.
Well, we’ll get there when we get there.


It’s summer break, but Okazaki and friends still have to attend supplementary classes. After that’s done with, Sunohara’s sister Mei visits, and stays with the Furukawas again. Okazaki is still staying with them as well.

Nagisa, Okazaki, and Mei all mind the bakery for Akio and Sanae. Mei walks down the street and begins funneling customers into the bakery, telling people that “they’ve got cute girls inside”. They end up selling everything, including Sanae’s bread. Much to Akio’s surprise.

Word has gotten out that Okazaki and Nagisa are dating, but not much has changed for them, as they’re still too nervous to even hold hands. Mei has a talk with Nagisa and comes up with a plan, which she then enacts on Okazaki. Whenever he doesn’t go with the plan, Nagisa tells him “well, that’s going to be a problem…”, until he goes with the flow. Eventually he calls out Mei on her ridiculous plan.

But, Nagisa has started to call Okazaki by his first name, Tomoya. So there was at least some progress. The episode ends with the two standing side-by-side in the park at sunset.

Episode Thoughts

Looks like this was a drama-free conclusion to Clannad. Also, it ended during summer break, which means that graduation will come next season. I remember some drama involved with graduation, so it’s all making sense as to why it’s not until After Story.

Instead of anything too crazy, what we got this episode was just a fairly relaxing episode. Some funny moments, but mostly a mellow and cute episode featuring Nagisa and Okazaki. I can see why I didn’t remember this as a conclusion. Still, I think it was a nice end. And a great place to just completely end with Clannad if someone was really set on avoiding shedding anymore tears.

Of course, we’ll keep on going with After Story, as the Clannad experience is only half over. And this was definitely the easier half, emotionally.

In Conclusion…

That’s it for Clannad.

Next will be a review for the series, and then we’ll begin with After Story. Might take a break in there, because things are getting busy in real life at the moment, and this is a good breaking point for now.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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