Clannad Episode 22 – Dreams

Nagisa had just discovered photos and stories from her parent’s past, and how they had abandoned their careers for her. And now, it’s her time to perform at the cultural festival.


The morning of Nagisa’s big day. And she’s looking a bit depressed and distracted. All she can think about is how her parents abandoned their dreams for her, feeling guilty and sad about it. Okazaki tried to get her focused, but doesn’t really succeed.

They arrive to school and meetup with the theatre club for a little while. Sunohara tries to cheer Nagisa up. Eventually they part ways until its time for the performance. Okazaki and Nagisa end up separated, and Okazaki runs into Sanae. Nagisa goes to the reference room and finds a video recording of a play that won an award at the school. Akio was the star, and the president of the theatre club at the time.

When prompted to say a few words after the performance, Akio mentioned that he loved theatre, and that he was planning on becoming a professional. This only makes Nagisa feel even worse.

The time to perform arrives. Nagisa goes up on stage, and instead of beginning, breaks down in tears. Akio arrives and begins yelling to Nagisa, telling her that parents live out their dreams through their children. Sanae and Okazaki join him in encouraging Nagisa, giving her the courage to continue.

The play goes well. Afterwards, Okazaki’s dad shows up to compliment Nagisa on the play, before leaving. Nagisa had invited him.

Finally, the episode ends with Okazaki asking Nagisa to be his girlfriend.

Episode Thoughts

I really enjoyed the resolution to Nagisa’s depression. Akio’s words were great, and it’s pretty clear that neither parent feels any regret over abandoning their dreams. Caring for a child is so much more important than a job, and it definitely seems to have brought their family so much more joy in the end anyways.

It’s interesting to note that the play didn’t seem like anything too special. In fact, it’s basically what we already knew. Here I thought there was going to be some cryptic meaning to it all, considering how often the anime liked to give us little scenes from the story. It almost feels like the anime put too much emphasis on it.

With Nagisa’s issues put to rest, there’s one last character that will need to be tackled – Okazaki. I suppose maybe Kyou as well, but I feel like she already had her resolution in the Tomoyo arc when she realized that Nagisa was the one Okazaki had chosen. All that said, Okazaki’s issues won’t be solved in just two episodes, hence Clannad: After Story.

Now that the play is done, I guess all that is left for Clannad is graduation. I vaguely remember everyone going their own way afterwards, although I can’t remember how much is from After Story.

In Conclusion…

Seems the only drama left for the series will be graduation and watching how everyone reacts to Okazaki and Nagisa becoming an official couple. I don’t remember exactly how this one ends, so I’m looking forward to it.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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