Date A Live Season 2 Review

Date A Live Season 2 is a wrap. Just like with the first season, I’ll give this season a review because often anime can change quite a bit across seasons. There were definitely changes from the first season too.

So let’s just see what changed!

Mild Date A Live S2 Spoilers ahead!

Individual Episode Posts

In case you wanted to go back and take a look at my posts on the first season + episodes, or the second season episodes, you can find that all here!

Brief Synopsis

Continuing from season one, Shido goes about his school life while encountering new spirits. He works with Ratatoskr in order to seal their powers, just as you’d expect.

However, this season presents a new threat to Shido and Ratatoskr – DEM Industries, a large corporation run by a man who has a keen interest in spirits. DEM Industries supplies much of the equipment and weaponry used in anti-spirit warfare, including supplies used by the AST.

Partway through the season the challenge shifts from sealing spirits themselves to fighting DEM Industries.

A New Antagonist

As you can see, Date A Live season 2 sports some serious change with a new antagonist – DEM Industries and its leader whose name escapes me. While last season featured spirits as antagonists or challenges for Shido to overcome, this season decides to introduce a new threat to take on. It’s a pretty standard thing to do, as the spirits for the most part are innocent beings that come around to Shido’s side.

And Shido has so many spirits on his side now that the anime would have to introduce some VERY powerful spirits if it wanted to continue on that route. To be fair, it does provide a powerful spirit in Miku, who has her own ways of overcoming the gap in strength. Kurumi also makes a return this season, and she also has her own ways of fighting multiple spirits.

But the ultimate threat in the end was DEM Industries, which was portrayed to us as an organization on a whole different level from the AST. The difference mainly being a lack of ethics, as the AST refused to perform operations in public and worked to protect people whenever possible.

Personally, I understand the reasons for introducing a new common enemy. It also allowed the anime to reintroduce Kurumi as a neutral third party, with her own ambitions / objectives. That said, part of me wasn’t the biggest fan of a large corporation as the enemy. I think a singular powerful enemy would have been more enjoyable, personally.

New Spirits

The new spirits we met this season were the storm twins Kaguya & Yuzuru, and the idol Miku. I enjoyed them all. Kaguya and Yuzuru are both very well designed and cute, and it really was unfortunate that we didn’t get to see very much of them after their arc ended. I felt like we could have used more of them this season.

Miku on the other hand had plenty of screen time. Her story was much more intricate, but it was very well done. As a character I think Miku was excellent, start to finish she felt like a great spirit with some believable motivations. Her ability is also very interesting. I also just really like bratty anime girls, and hime cuts. So Miku was a solid win in my books.

One other aspect to note this episode was that Tohka had much more screen time, as I’d expected. As the first spirit, Tohka is sort of the mascot for the show, and so it was odd that we didn’t see too much of her last season after her arc. I think it’s an understandable decision, and while Tohka isn’t my favourite spirit, I still like her character.


I’ll just devote a header for Kurumi, the best girl of Date A Live. There was a moment when the season felt like it was slowing down for me, becoming less interesting. But then Kurumi came back, as a third party to everything, to help out. While it’s cliche, I’m a huge fan of the turncoat trope, and getting the opportunity to watch Kurumi as the turncoat was excellent.

I won’t be too dramatic and say that Kurumi saved the season, but she did inject some serious excitement into the season just when it felt like it was losing steam. And that is just the power of Kurumi Tokisaki!


There were two things that caused me to really love the first season of Date A Live: Kurumi, and Shido’s dates with the spirits. As you’d expect by the series name, Date A Live is all about dating spirits to save the world, with the comedic help of Ratatoskr’s “love experts”. It’s hilarious, it works with the story, and it gives us some very great scenarios to watch play out.

Unfortunately, season two had a serious lack of dating. There were only a few moments this time around that featured Ratatoskr trying to guide Shido through winning over a spirit’s heart. While what we got was great as expected, the dating eventually took a backseat to the conflict with DEM Industries.

Personally I consider the dating aspect of Date A Live as a core feature of the series, and so the reduction of dating moments was a definite negative for me.

Panty Shot Hunt Update

Once again I kept my eyes peeled for panty shots, because of how last season we got only two in the first two episodes, and then they abruptly ended. This season was more of the same, with only a single panty shot in the first episode, and that was it. We did get swimsuits again this season, but that doesn’t count!


I’ve covered just about all of the major differences from last season that I encountered in this season. Other than what I’d mentioned, Date A Live Season 2 was fairly status quo, with some solid harem / action content to enjoy.

That said, the lack of dating moments compared to last season definitely hurt my opinion of this season.

So while I gave last season an 8, I’m giving Date A Live Season 2 a 7 / 10.

Still a fun watch with some really high points, but didn’t hold up as well as last season did overall.

Now it’s onto the third season of Date A Live. I have no clue where the story will head next, but I’m excited to see how the series changes once again. Hopefully we get more dating, and more Kurumi.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Date A Live Season 2 Review

      1. She should have been merged into so many other characters, she feels like a waste of time. Perhaps she has something to do the later light novels, but we’ll never get those animated (probably), so yeah.

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  1. darkdaemonpk2

    I hate Miku; she is a friggin pest and a nuisance and caused more trouble than to Shido. He should have just shoved that sword he got inside Miku’s throat to end things. And as for that DEM white haired guy, twice as annoying bastard and I bet he couldn’t even do anything by himself without the help of his secretary. Yeah, really annoying baaaaaaaastaaaaaarrrrrd. Yeah, that is what I can say.

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