Assassins Pride (Episode 3) – Edge Level Up

The first episode was a bit rocky, the second episode managed to bring things back a bit, what’s next for Assassins Pride?


The episode completely glosses over the tournament from last episode. We learn that Melida lost to her cousin, and that’s about that. Her cousin’s family is actually mad that she didn’t humiliate Melida more.

Instead, there’s something else going on. There is a festival coming up, and Melida’s class will be wearing a certain dress, that is apparently tradition for them to wear. Melida is excited to wear it with her cousin. Kufa tells her he won’t make it until the last day because he has to temporarily leave on business.

On the first day of the festival, it’s noticed that Melida’s cousin is the only one not wearing the traditional dress. Her family stuck their nose up at it and made her a more expensive one to wear. She runs off, crying because she didn’t want to wear the expensive one. Melida goes to console her when they are both kidnapped.

The man who kidnapped them claims that he will mutate Melida’s magic into the Paladin class by stealing her cousin’s magic. Melida and cousin then manage to escape, and fend off some monsters before being captured again. Then Kufa and that other instructor girl arrive to save the day.

Kufa fights the enemy, and also defeats a monster that he summons. We learn that Kufa is actually half-vampire, making him overpowered.

A girl from Kufa’s guild is dispatched to investigate what is happening around Kufa and Melida.

Episode Thoughts

This is feeling more and more like Black Bullet by the second. Now we know that Kufa is overpowered, just like the protagonist in Black Bullet was. And that while the anime is sort of about Melida, it’s actually Kufa who will do the heavy lifting.

We had an injection of edge into the episode with Kufa revealing his vampiric form. White hair is one of many symptoms of edge. I’m cool with it, and this means there will be the inevitable reveal where Melida learns her teacher is a vampire. Kufa feels real strongly about making Melida into someone strong, to prove her father and the world wrong.

The one thing that this does make me think is that it would have been neat to go down the “Kufa assassinates Melida” route that could have happened in episode 1. Seeing as he’s a vampire, we could have had a real dark and edgy story there. Technically he could still do something like that, and pull a Ayanokoji (Classroom of the Elite) and be evil all along. Like use Melida to bring down the guilds or her family or something like this.

I doubt it though.

Just a thought anyways, I still enjoyed this episode. Once again, despite the first episode being a bit off, I think that the series is heading in the right direction now. Looking forward to next week’s episode.

In Conclusion…

Next episode is looking like there will be something happening between Kufa and his own guild. He didn’t fulfill his mission, and he has to keep them from finding out that Melida in fact does not have Paladin abilities, and that Kufa gave her his magic when he was supposed to kill her. As she is likely the illegitimate child of that guy who died in episode 1, she was supposed to have been disposed of.

We’ll just have to see what happens there.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Assassins Pride (Episode 3) – Edge Level Up

  1. I’d second the call for the dark route. Kufa plans on killing everyone and destroying the chandlier world! However, I also feel like this is going to be like some sort of Twilight romance…

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