Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Episode 2

With initial impressions out of the way, let’s just keep on going with The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan!


Believe it or not, the day of the literature club’s Christmas party is here, already! Yuki baked a nice cake for the occasion, and Tsuruya brought the turkey (along with Asahina). While it’s time for celebration, Yuki can’t get her mind off of the fact that the literature club will be disbanded at the end of the year if they are unable to get 5 members.

At the moment they only have 3, with Yuki, Kyon, and Asakura who volunteered to sign on in order to help Yuki. That said, perhaps Asahina and Tsuruya could also end up joining?

Either way, we never see the finale to that topic. Everyone ends up dressing up in Santa outfits and having a good time for the most part.

Episode Thoughts

Another short synopsis. I guess it’s just a really laid back anime though. There wasn’t actually too much comedy in this episode. It was a bit more somber, with Yuki pretty sad about the literature club’s pending fate. I guess the Christmas party was like a farewell party for her. In theory, it should be a bit sad, but when I know that there are 13 more episodes to this show, I have a feeling that things will work out somehow.

Not too much else to say about this one. I think it was a decent episode. I have a feeling it’s setting up for the rest of the anime, with a revitalization of the literature club. Last episode it was just Yuki and Kyon sitting around, but I think it’ll end up being just like the SOS Brigade in many ways, with a lot of energy and life.

Oh, and one final thing actually. Haruhi appeared in this episode and had Yuki help her write symbols on the ground. I thought it was kind of weird that Haruhi would do the same thing she did when she was younger, because even in the Disappearance universe Haruhi wrote a message to aliens (with Kyon’s help). Maybe this universe is different from that, or maybe Haruhi still likes to do things like that when she’s not in her melancholy state in this universe.

In Conclusion…

A very somber but relaxed episode. I have no issues with it. It wasn’t the most enjoyable episode of anime, but at the same time I think that the anime has only just begun and this episode might be an important building block for what is to come.

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