Clannad Episode 21 – Hasty Preparations

With the backstory of the Furukawas and Nagisa revealed, Okazaki continues to help Nagisa with the theatre club and her play. Of course, Nagisa herself doesn’t know about what happened in her past…


Work on Nagisa’s play continues. While they never found the original story, Nagisa manages to write the play based on her memories of it, or at least what she thinks happened. Everyone works hard to master the lights, find fitting music, et cetera. Sanae also volunteers to handle costumes. Considering the play is about a girl and a friend made of junk, I can’t imagine that there are too many costumes or even actors in the play.

Eventually, the day before the cultural festival arrives, and a practice run of the play is scheduled to take place. The theatre club performs the play (we don’t get to see it yet) and afterwards Okazaki and Nagisa head home. Okazaki mentions that it went perfectly. Nagisa’s parents dote on her, and she approaches Okazaki later about how she still felt bothered about her past.

That night, Nagisa goes outside when everyone else is sleeping and searches through the storage shed. Not sure what she was looking for, but she knocks over some boxes and ends up finding photos and journals from when her parents still had their careers. As we know, Sanae was a teacher, but we also learn that Akio was an actor. Okazaki, and then Akio, wake up to see that the jig is up – at the worst possible time.

Episode Thoughts

The episode was turning out quite straightforward at first, until that ending. I was actually a bit surprised at how fast the anime breezed through the production of the play. I guess it’s really not that important though. The actual play itself is what will be important, as we finally get to see the ending to the story about the girl and her junk friend.

We learn that Akio was an actor, which I hadn’t expected, but I’m not surprised. Akio had given Nagisa a video recording of a play to watch as reference, and now I wonder if he was a part of that play and that’s why Akio had it. Maybe Sanae filmed it or something like this. It also makes me wonder if that story of the girl and her junk friend has something to do with Akio, and that he knew about it. Maybe it was a script for a play that he did, or never ended up doing, but Nagisa found it and read it as a kid?

It’s clear that Nagisa is going to need some serious consoling, because she tends to blame herself so much for things. Learning about her parent’s past lives will end up being more of a shock than it normally would be.

In Conclusion…

A bit of an obstacle for Nagisa, but I’m sure she’ll be able to pull through in the end. Of course, this also means there will be a good bit of drama next episode, and not just from the play!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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