Date A Live S2: Episode 11 – Never Forget

So initially I thought Date A Live S2 was only 10 episodes, and apparently I was right. But then I stumbled upon an episode 11, and found out Kurumi was in it. Naturally, I had to watch it!


While out shopping for dinner, Shido runs into Kurumi. She approaches him and asks him on a date. While he doesn’t really trust her, he eventually goes with her. This happens to be on Tanbata, so they go to a festival, before going to a.. stargazing building? What are those called again? The indoor type. Anyways, after that, they go to a wedding chapel.

Tohka, Yoshino, and Kotori were all out wondering where Shido ended up.. Yoshino runs into Kurumi outside the chapel, and Kurumi tells her that she is marrying Shido. Yoshino then goes and tells Tohka and Kotori, who then spring into action looking for Shido.

At the chapel, Kurumi convinces the attendant to let them her and Shido have a mock wedding, because she is terminally ill and will die soon (not far from the truth, ironically enough). They get pictures taken, and then leave. From there, the couple go to write some tanzaku to hang on a bamboo tree. They go onto a rooftop to hang them, when another Kurumi shows up…

We then find out that the Kurumi we had been following was the Kurumi from the moment in time when Shido won her over, back on the school rooftop, before she was killed by another Kurumi. And that other Kurumi is back to kill her again. Our Kurumi gets sucked into the ground, promising to meet Shido again sometime.

Tohka, Yoshino, and Kotori then show up and Kurumi leaves.

Episode Thoughts

Well, this did feel a bit like an OVA, which I suppose it basically is. It was a cute episode though. I knew it all along that the Kurumi we were following was the good Kurumi, the one that Shido had won over. She seemed too out of character to be the edgy Kurumi that we all know and love. And I mean that, because while this Kurumi was cute, I prefer the dark and edgy Kurumi.

This episode didn’t have any real impact on the overarching story, which makes sense given it’s an add-on of sorts. But it was still fun enough. It felt like we got some closure with that Kurumi who fell for Shido. Shido also was pretty broken up about it, vowing that he would never forget her.

Now, here’s an interesting question to pose: what would happen to Kurumi’s powers if Shido kissed the good Kurumi? Would the “bad” Kurumi be affected? Seeing as they are technically connected. If they weren’t, the “bad” Kurumi wouldn’t have bothered showing up to collect the good Kurumi.

In Conclusion…

I don’t have too much else to say about this one.
It was a cute episode more than anything, and I’m still glad to see Kurumi in any form.

After this is the season 2 review, followed by season 3!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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