Shuffle! (Episode 9) – Island Adventure

Last episode was a cute episode featuring Sia and Rin once again. Will we get more intimate moments between Rin and one of the other girls this episode?

Shuffle! – Beach Fun Edition


It’s a beach episode! Everyone hits the beach for some swimming, volleyball, and barbeque fun. All of the girls look great in their swimsuits, and, well, it’s a beach episode. Asa loses her bikini top at one point, and uses Rin’s back as a shield to cover up. Sia and Rin end up drifting to sea at another point, and end up on what ends up being another part of the same island. They think they are stranded at first, but then run into everyone else right as they are about to have a romantic moment.

And that’s about it for this one!

Episode Thoughts

Well, it was a straightforward episode. I liked it. Something about beach episodes can be a lot of fun. Even if nothing too crazy happened, it’s nice to get some fan service and watch the characters relax. It’s not like too much has happened in the series so far anyways, so why not fit a beach episode in?

I think one of the more entertaining parts of the episode was Primula building sandcastles and watching them get wiped out by incoming waves. She builds three in total, each bigger than the last. And they all get wiped out.

Anyways, now is the perfect time to go over my tentative Shuffle! girls ranking, complete with pictures!

#1. Asa

What can I say, I’m really liking Asa. She’s playful, full of energy, a great cook, great hair.. everything about her works out pretty well. The one exception to her character is that while she is very forward with Rin, she’s not very forward specifically when it comes to her feelings. Can’t complain about that though, considering this is a VN adapted anime trying to fit multiple routes into one story, or something like this.

#2. Nerine

Nerine is cute, but what I like about her most (aside from her ears) is that she seems very smart and is capable of powerful magic. Plus out of the two kings, I think her father is the cooler one.

#3. Mayumi

I know Mayumi isn’t one of the main girls, and so she probably doesn’t have a “route” that gets covered, but I think she’s cute and full of energy, and I like that.

#4. Kaede

Honestly it’s a very tough race between Kaede and Sia. I went with Kaede for #4 just because she works so hard for Rin and is a very nice girl. The one issue I have with Kaede is that she doesn’t have much of a personality beyond serving Rin.

#4. Sia

I’m just going to put Sia on the same rank as Kaede, because I really don’t prefer one over the other. Sia’s voice (Jap VA) at least is kind of annoying in my opinion, but what I do like about Sia is that she is the most forward of all the girls. In a competition like this, it definitely pays to take initiative… probably.

In Conclusion…

It was a good episode I’d say, even if there wasn’t too much to write about. It was a good opportunity to write about my thoughts on all the girls so far at least!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Shuffle! (Episode 9) – Island Adventure

  1. For some bizarre reason, this is one of my favorite eps…

    Looking at your rankings, they’re quite interesting! Can’t say much more though without massive spoilers.

    I will say I love the demon dads though, they’re just funny as heck.

    Liked by 1 person

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