Clannad Episode 20 – Rainbow Bread

Last episode Okazaki moved in with the Furukawas to stay for an undetermined amount of time. He’s a bit uncomfortable with how close the Furukawas are as a family, and we’ve learned a bit about their past…


Okazaki finds Nagisa outside at night, practicing for the theatre club. She has an idea of the play she wants to do, but she can’t seem to remember what the name of the story is or where she originally heard it, if it was from her parents or a book or someone else. All she knows is that it’s a sad story about a girl who is all alone and builds a friend out of junk.

Okazaki asks Akio and Sanae about it, but neither of them recalls any such story. He also checks around the school’s library to no avail. Finally Okazaki and Nagisa search her house, until Akio finds them going through the storage shed and puts an end to it. That night he pulls Okazaki aside to tell him something that he doesn’t want Sanae or Nagisa to hear. He then asks Sanae for some tea, causing her to show up…

Eventually Akio and Okazaki are on the rooftop, away from prying ears. Akio talks about how he and Sanae used to have career jobs, and were both following their dreams when Nagisa was a kid. But one day Nagisa got sick, and neither of them could take the day off. They couldn’t find a daycare or babysitter either. So they left Nagisa at home, as Akio only had to work a short while.

Akio returned 2 hours later to find Nagisa outside in the snow, collapsed. She had gone looking for them after they left. She was on the brink of death. When she recovered, both Sanae and Akio gave up on their careers in order to never leave Nagisa alone again. After their conversation, Akio and Okazaki head inside and Akio suggests going on a family picnic the next day.

The next morning Okazaki bails, going to Sunohara’s in the morning. But then Sunohara sets him straight by telling him that he is sending the wrong message to Nagisa by running away from her home just as he ran away from his own, and that she would be worried. Okazaki goes back and joins the Furukawas on their picnic in the park. They also play some baseball with the local kids.

Episode Thoughts

As I expected, Nagisa had a close call in her childhood that caused her parents to drop their careers. It’s interesting that both of them dropped their dreams for her, but I think they both felt so horrible that neither of them wanted to leave Nagisa alone. Plus Sanae’s not a very good baker, despite what she originally thought when she had the idea of opening a bakery, which forced Akio to learn the trade from scratch.

Just goes to show though, even the couple that I’d consider the best parents in anime had to learn the hard way. A very close call, but on the plus side it brought them closer together than ever. I wonder how the family would have turned out if that close call never happened, and both Sanae and Akio just continued on with their careers. They wouldn’t have been home nearly as much.

I’m not sure if Nagisa’s weak constitution is a result of her brush with death, or if she just always was that way. I’m thinking she was just always like that though. Which means it was probably bound to happen at some point, as unfortunate as it was that she almost died. At least Nagisa doesn’t remember it.

Akio didn’t want Nagisa digging around the house because of some old photo albums of Sanae and Akio when they had their careers. He would have burned them but Sanae would have cried, he mentioned. And he just doesn’t want to shock Nagisa with the truth of what happened, because he doesn’t want her to blame herself for anything.

Finally, in the end there during the baseball Akio got Nagisa to mention that she loved Okazaki, in an off-hand way. Was a cute moment. Watching Nagisa get flustered is always too cute.

In Conclusion…

Overall, we got the full scoop on Akio and Sanae’s past, and why they dropped their careers to be always home. Nothing unexpected really, but it was a fairly somber moment watching the flashback of Akio and Sanae grieving over their mistake in leaving Nagisa alone.

It’s also interesting how Okazaki is always the one to push Nagisa forward and give her confidence, but he himself has some issues that come up here and again. He has a bad habit of running away from his own problems.

I’m thinking that we’ll get back on track with the theatre club and Nagisa’s story soon. Crazy to think that we’ve gotten to episode 20 already.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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