Date A Live S2: Episode 10 – Dark Tohka

Last episode things were looking pretty dicey, with Tohka on the verge of despair and Shido having been stabbed. What’ll happen to help them bounce back?


Tohka falls into despair, and in her place awakens a Tohka that we haven’t seen before. Dark, powerful, and quick to anger. She has no memory of where she is or who anyone around her is. Ellen challenges Dark Tohka to fight, but Tohka is just too powerful. Ellen and her boss end up retreating, leaving Shido and Miku to deal with Tohka.

Miku tries her best to stop Tohka, but ends up losing her voice. Vulnerable, Tohka sends an attack her way, but Shido blocks it, winning over Miku’s heart. Miku’s hypnotism over the other spirits ends, and they show up to help hold back Tohka. After some serious collateral damage, the twins manage to get Shido close to Tohka, where he is able to kiss her, and bring back regular Tohka.

And with that, everything goes back to a happy normal. Miku falls in love with Shido, letting him seal her powers, and everyone lives happily ever after.. for now at least.

Episode Thoughts

Brief synopsis, but the episode was pretty good. Nothing unexpected really, especially when it came to Miku. I knew Shido would do his usual and win over her heart through an act of heroism – it’s what harem protagonists do best.

Dark Tohka was pretty cool, I almost wish we could have seen more of her. I guess I was wrong about a spatial quake. Instead what happened was called an “inversion”. So maybe all of the spirits have an inverted version of themselves in the spirit realm or something? It’s a cool concept, that’s for sure.

Kurumi mentions that the “captive spirit” she was looking for wasn’t there after all, so I guess whatever goal she was trying to achieve is still ongoing. I wonder if she’ll try to cash in on that favour Shido owes her at some point. Naturally, I hope she does, because I’m always game for more Kurumi. Without a doubt she is the highlight of Date A Live.

Mana ended up killing that DEM industries girl, Jessica. After that we never saw her, so I guess she’s just back with Ratatoskr, waiting to randomly appear sometime in the future.

In Conclusion…

Overall, this was a nice episode to wrap up the Miku arc, which ended up being much more exciting than I could have expected. It only lacked one thing – dating! At the end of the day, Kurumi aside, the best Date A Live moments really are when Shido dates the spirits with the expert help of Ratatoskr. Hopefully we get some more of that in the future!

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