Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Episode 13) – Real Emotion

We’ve gotten to the finale of Arifureta, with a bit of buildup from last episode. The isekai class had found themselves in a pinch when a powerful demon began summoning monsters and attacking them – one classmate escaped, found Hajime at the local adventurers guild, and managed to make it back in time.

I think it’s pretty clear what will happen next!


With Hajime on the scene, it’s time to unleash hell. Hajime’s party look after the isekai class, managing to save everyone (as predicted). His classmates are astonished to see him, including the one who tried to kill him in episode 1. All the while, Hajime goes full-on Mr. Anderson on countless summoned monsters.

After a lot of excellent slaughtering of various monsters, Hajime confronts the demon. He shoots her in the legs, and while she doesn’t explicitly give anything up, Hajime infers that demonkind had gained the ability to summon monsters after defeating a labyrinth. She also mentions her “boyfriend” who is much stronger than her – likely the one who defeated the maverick of whatever labyrinth the demons conquered.

After learning what he can, Hajime kills her. They all then leave the labyrinth, and the priestess, Kaori, confesses her love to Hajime. He turns down her love, but she ends up getting an invite to the party by Yue anyways, with Yue saying something like “you’ll soon learn why I’m more worthy of Hajime’s love”. And then they hop in a humvee and drive off.

Episode Thoughts

Let’s get the positives out of the way right away. This episode, in terms of action, was excellent. Without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, episodes of the season for action and excitement on that front. This series really needed more of this, with Hajime going all out and some awesome gunplay. This is the content I had expected from episode 1, but never got until now.

Next, I’m very glad that Hajime actually killed the demon. He’s been way too soft in previous episodes, always putting up a big fuss only to do the right thing anyways. Technically, killing this demon was probably the right thing, so it’s not that out of character, but I’m glad Hajime was at least able to manage that. He’s fallen short in the past with this sort of thing.

And those are the highlights of the episode for me.
Now for my criticisms of the episode.

First, the mermaid “daughter” proved to be worthless once again. What is her purpose exactly? To just be cute, but otherwise completely irrelevant? She basically just clung to Hajime, and then Tio, for the episode, not doing anything else whatsoever. Why was she even added to the party? Just for daughter jokes? I guess so.

Second, I got a real good laugh out of Yue this episode. In ONE episode, Kaori managed to show MORE love for Hajime than Yue had in the ENTIRE season. So when Yue acted all high and mighty, it just didn’t fit at all. Yue had potential at first to be a good character, but ended up turning into a lifeless and emotionless doll that just follows Hajime around. Kaori showed real emotion here. I just thought it was funny how that happened.

In Conclusion…

Great episode. Top notch action, and Hajime felt true to his character for once. While the comedy was unintentional, I’ll take that as well. The one thing that leaves me uncertain for future episodes is the addition of yet another girl to Hajime’s party. I get the feeling that future episodes will be chock full of more happy-go-lucky and cutesy moments of Hajime and friends driving around, which doesn’t fit the anime very well in my opinion.

Anyways, that’s the end of Arifureta S1.
Review to come soon.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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