Clannad Episode 19 – Familial Woes

Well, last episode was something else. Not the saddest arc ending, but definitely the most climactic and unexpected in many ways. But we must move forward! Tomoyo is now the student council president, so let’s see where things go with the theatre club.


The episode wastes no time – the theatre club has officially been reestablished, with Koumura-sensei advising both the theatre club and the choir club. Everyone celebrates a bit, and Okazaki gets Nagisa fired up and willing to work hard.

After school. Okazaki’s teacher insists on meeting his father. Okazaki skips out while he isn’t looking, but Nagisa chases him as she wants him to accompany her to meet with Koumura-sensei regarding the club. When she finds out he ran away from his teacher, she drags him back to the faculty office. They get to Okazaki’s house and his father is not home, but the teacher says that he will wait there until he is back.

Okazaki leaves and runs into Nagisa who brought his bag that he forgot back at school. She makes him go back home, and they run into the teacher speaking with Okazaki’s father. Only, Okazaki’s father refuses to take any responsibility for his son, saying that Tomoya is Tomoya, it’s not for him to decide. Okazaki and Nagisa leave, and we learn about his relationship with his father.

His shoulder injury that prevented him from playing basketball was due to a fight with his father. Since that moment, they have stopped being family. His father “lives alone” in that house, and they no longer talk.

Nagisa asks Okazaki to stay at her place, thinking that being away from his father will make him miss him. Okazaki takes her up on her offer, and begins living at the Furukawa’s. He finds it unsettling to live with such a happy family. One day after school Okazaki and Nagisa come home to a bunch of kids in the guest room, and we find out that Sanae’s real job is teaching children in their house. Akio talks with Okazaki and tells him that Sanae used to be a middle school teacher, but had to quit after “a lot happened”. They both had to adjust their way of life.

Nagisa talks with Okazaki that night, and she mentions that she loves her parents, but she feels like she’d done something wrong in her past. She’d tried asking them about it, but they change the subject. Nagisa just feels like she has to apologize for something that she did when she was little.

Okazaki then visits Sunohara, and the episode actually ends with a clip of that girl and the friend she made out of junk.

Episode Thoughts

Well, there’s a bit to unpack here. We’re getting into Nagisa / Okazaki territory now. I thought Kyou had an arc, but I now I’m not sure if that’s the case… Okazaki’s love life seems pretty settled after what happened last episode. She seemed to act normal enough this episode, so it’s hard to say.

I’ll admit that I remember a good deal from After Story (how could I forget?!), but I’m going to try and unpack the Okazaki / father situation a little here. Based on what we’ve seen at least, I don’t remember all the details. What’s important to note is that they got into a fight, and it resulted in Okazaki having to quit the basketball club. He also became a delinquent after that. Also note that Okazaki is very good at basketball from what we saw several episodes ago, but he can’t shoot anymore.

We don’t know who started the fight. But what I’m seeing here is guilt on the father’s part. He hurt his son, and to a degree, ruined his life. Sounds like an exaggeration but he probably felt that this was the case at the time. And, instead of facing his guilt head-on and apologizing, he ran away. He sort of distanced himself from his son, stopped being a father. Tomoya is Tomoya, his father decided to no longer have ANY say in anything Tomoya did from that moment on. He ran away.

It seems pretty clear to me that Tomoya’s father still feels guilty about what happened. He seems to have trouble putting the past behind him. And so he just tries his best to act as kind as possible to his son, hoping that bygones will be bygones, or something like this. Never addressing the elephant in the room, so to speak.

It’s a very sad situation, and I know that Tomoya and his father’s relationship is only going to get more sad as I move forward in the series. That’s about all I can garner from what we’ve seen so far.

Lastly we have the Nagisa situation, which is much more obvious. Nagisa has an extremely weak constitution, and periodically gets sick for weeks at a time. She’s already been held back a year at school for missing too many days due to her weak constitution. So basically, either something happened to cause her weakness, or she was diagnosed with her condition at a young age. And when they found out, Sanae and Akio completely changed their lives in order to best accomodate Nagisa and be close by / at home all the time. Sanae teaches kids, and Akio runs the bakery. Time and time again as we move forward we’re going to learn and see just what outstanding parents these two are.

What we’re going to see going forward, and into After Story, is a clear contrast between parents that do everything right, and a father that just doesn’t know how to.

In Conclusion…

Some other minor things happened, like Koumura-sensei helping the theatre club out a bit with setting up. But both Okazaki and Nagisa had such hard hitting storylines open up this episode, so I really wanted to just focus on those. As always, we’ll just have to see where things go from here.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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