Date A Live S2: Episode 9 – Foiled Plans

Last episode Kurumi helped Shido bust into the DEM Industries headquarters in an attempt to save Tohka. Enemy robots were dispatched, and Kurumi left to take care of them. Mana showed up and was quickly challenged by someone, leaving Shido to find Tohka on his own.

Date A Live S2 – Official Blog Edition


Shido is on his way to Tohka, wherever she is, when he is ambushed by Ellen. She crushes him with a territory (magic barrier), and he can’t break free, even with Sandalphon. But luckily for Shido, Miku comes to his rescue! Ellen makes a tactical retreat, and Miku has the spirits under her control (Yoshino + twins) fight enemies outside.

We then get some dialogue between Miku and Shido, learning that Miku refused to provide sexual favours for her manager when she was an idol, and they ended up ruining her reputation and ending her career, causing her fans to drop her. Shido promises that he would stand by her, but Miku isn’t totally convinced of him yet. Regardless, she helps Shido out and hypnotizes someone they find into telling them where Tohka is located.

Outside, the battle is raging on. Mana ends up locked into battle with that DEM Industries lady whose name escapes me, and Origami shows up and becomes engaged in battle with Ellen. But Origami is no match for Ellen, and is quickly beaten.

Inside, Shido and Miku find Tohka. Shido runs up to her glass cage, but is stabbed from behind by Ellen. Miku is unable to stop Ellen with her voice. Tohka tries to break her cage but her sword won’t pierce it. Feeling hopeless, with Shido bleeding out in front of her, Tohka falls into despair, causing a very large spatial quake to begin to form…

Episode Thoughts

What can I say, I called it exactly. Miku showed up to help Shido, just as expected. I was also right about her distrusting men because she was taken advantage of when she was an idol. The only thing I was wrong about was when she would show up. She actually arrived much earlier than I thought she would, which means that this new pinch Shido / Tohka are in leaves me wondering how they’ll get out of there.

It’s still possible that Miku will manage to save them though. I’m thinking that Shido might do something heroic to save Tohka, despite currently bleeding out, and that will fully convince Miku that Shido is a good guy. That will then inspire her to unleash her full powers on Ellen, saving the day. Something like this at least – fact is, I’m not sure what’ll happen with Tohka and the spatial quake.

The DEM Industries villain whose name escapes me wanted Tohka to do it, mentioning a gate being opened or something. Not sure what that means or what will happen. Maybe Kurumi’s reasons for stopping DEM Industries are related to this?

Either way, it was a high action episode, but personally, I didn’t really care for Mana or even Origami’s fights outside. They just seemed like a distraction from what was happening inside. Still, it was a fun episode that leaves me wondering what will happen next!

In Conclusion…

Some good action here, but I have to say this episode suffered a bit with no Kurumi on the main stage. Her clones were out fighting, but we only saw them for a few moments. I’m definitely looking forward to the conclusion of this though, which should be happening soon if not next episode.

Until then,
Thanks for reading.

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