Anime Word Association V3

Something I’ve done a few times before but haven’t recently is some anime word association. As I sit here wanting to write something, I figured this will do, because I don’t feel like watching anything and grabbing screencaps. To be honest, grabbing screencaps has become my least favourite part of anime blogging, although this is more related to Ecchi Hunter where I usually go overboard with images.

Anyways, I’ve got my Akatsuki music going, fired up, so let’s see what anime I think of based on random words.

Word #1 – Dome
Anime – Highschool DxD

This is actually a very relevant word! On Ecchi Hunter, Lynn and I have been covering the legendary Highschool DxD. And in episode 3, there’s this building with a dome on it that they visit. Lynn brought it up asking if it was some special building, because it ALSO shows up in Shinmai Maou no Testament, another “legendary” ecchi anime…

I guess this is another good chance to see if we can get some answers on it, because I know Lynn was really wondering if it was some special building in Japan. Only pic I have is this dark one though… does anyone know what the deal with this building is?

Word #2 – Brain
Anime – Sankarea

This one was simple enough, as Sankarea is a zombie anime, and the word “brains” pretty much automatically makes me think of zombies. Lynn probably would have preferred if I used Highschool of the Dead, but unfortunately I actually thought of the cat in Sankarea first.

Word #3 – Purpose
Anime – Isekai Cheat Magician

I think I actually used this exact word in my series review for Isekai Cheat Magician, when I wrote about how this show lacked purpose. Things were happening, but we the audience didn’t have any real motivation to care about them. And the main characters didn’t really have any goal or purpose, they just went with the flow like so many characters do these days.

Sometimes it works, in slice of life type anime, but I really dislike “go with the flow” protagonists that don’t have any conviction or decision making ability. That’s right up there with “Mr. Nice Guy” protagonists, which typicaly ARE the “go with the flow” types.

Word #4 – Experiment
Anime – Akame ga Kill!

I mentioned Akame ga Kill! in my Isekai Cheat Magician series review, and it’s been on my mind. Also, Lynn mentioned it even more recently to me as he is planning to rewatch it sometime soon. So Akame ga Kill! has just been making the rounds for me, and I thought of Akame’s sister and the experiments done on her.. and Akame. But I thought of her sister specifically, and that part where that candy she takes causes her to survive a needle to the brain. It was a pretty intense moment.

This would have been a better answer for brain, too. Damn.

Word #5 – Ant
Anime – Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa

There’s a scene in this anime where Hyoudou, the senile and twisted old CEO of Teiai Corp (a huge black financial loan shark company) is presented with a view of the city over dinner, and he laughs at the view, saying something like “look at all the little ants down there, struggling with their lives, struggling to survive”. Something like this at least, so that works pretty well for the word “ant”!

Word #6 – Functional
Anime – Fairy Tail

This one took a bit of pondering. At first the Viktor quote “Function over form!” from back when I used to play League of Legends popped in my head. And then several minutes later, I basically cheated and chose Fairy Tail because I thought of the scene where Lucy is showing off her cute and affordable apartment in Magnolia. I don’t know if she called it functional, but I think it’s functional.

The reason I call it cheating is because I just watched that episode last night! It is what it is though!

Word #7 – Exploration
Anime – Made in Abyss

Well there’s an easy one. I don’t even need to explain this one, right? The best part of Made in Abyss was the abyss itself, and the character’s exploration of it. I didn’t even like the characters that much. But the abyss, now THAT is interesting.

Word #8 – Graphic
Anime – Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor (& Sequel)

Graphic made me think of graphic violence / situations.. and Kaiji has some very graphic moments. That guy goes through a lot, I’ll say that. That show had me looking away a few times, that’s for sure. I’m still pondering writing a review for it. I guess I’ll write about it soon, a good anime like that deserves some praise!

And that’s all for today.
None of the words inspired any stories this time around, which is something I usually like to do. This time it was strictly anime. But it’s still fun to get back to just writing nonsensical posts like this.

I’m thinking I’ll do another “Never Seen Before Review” soon, where I can really flex my precognitive (imaginative) abilitites.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Anime Word Association V3

  1. That’s a fun topic! The ones I’m familiar with here I can definitely get the associations, though I haven’t actually seen too many of these.

    I can’t think of anything for “dome,” but the first ones that popped into my head for the rest of them were Ghost in the Shell, Persona 4, Evangelion, Hunter x Hunter, Quintessential Quintuplets (a very “functional” adaptation of the manga), Kino’s Journey, and Ninja Scroll.

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