Shuffle! (Episode 8) – Date

Last episode followed Asa and we saw more of her feelings for Rin, and this episode features another girl with similar feelings…

Brief Synopsis

Rin wakes up one morning to Sia having snuck into his room through the window. She asks him on a date. That night, Sia gets two tickets to a fancy restaurant from her father. She had also spent the day reading some magazine about how she needs to make a move on the one she loves or else she might be friend-zoned forever. She meticulously plans out what she will do on her date with Rin.

They go on the date and nothing goes according to plan. Everywhere the couple goes they run into people they know who end up teasing them about being on a date. Then they get to the restaurant and it’s lined up around the block. Nothing seems to work out. On the train, Sia falls asleep and Rin finds her notebook with all the date plans. Realizing that nothing went according to her plan, they arrive back home and Rin suggests they extend the date.

They go to school at nighttime and look at the sky from one of the classrooms. While it didn’t go according to plan, Sia ends up happy with the result.

Episode Thoughts

Much like last episode, this one was a pretty cute episode. It was entertaining watching people’s reactions to the two on their date. Sia is a pretty cute character as well, although she’s not at the top of my tentative Shuffle! female characters ranking. I’m not sure how well she stacks up against Kaede, to be honest, for the 3rd spot.

Once again though this was an episode where it didn’t feel like there was any real progress overall. I know that the series is trying to cover a bunch of character routes in a single story, but it’d be nice for something tangible to happen beyond what feels like are just fluff episodes. This was Sia’s second episode, also.

Favourite moment was when Rin’s friend caught them on the date, I don’t remember his name but I like how he adjusted his glasses and we saw the glare on them. I remember when I went to get new glasses and I was asked if I wanted that coating or whatever that stops the glare, and I thought that maybe I’d want the glare for dramatic effect at times. But I guess it’s pretty hard to control that, so I just got the coating in the end.

In Conclusion…

One of these episodes something is going to happen, and I’ll be here ready to write about it. Still, it does feel like the episodes are getting slightly better, but not exciting enough to really make me love what I’m seeing.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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