Clannad Episode 18 – Suspicions Confirmed, Fears Realized

Last episode Nagisa got sick, and Okazaki decided to help Tomoyo in her bid for student council president in order to work towards the formation of the theatre club. Okazaki’s help ended in him taking the fall for a fight outside the school gates on Tomoyo’s behalf…


Okazaki is suspended from school due to the fight, and Tomoyo is off the hook. But Tomoyo feels responsible, and so she continues to visit Okazaki in the mornings and begins making breakfast for him. During the day, in order to avoid his father, Okazaki hangs out in Sunohara’s dorm. Ryou and Kyou visit Okazaki there.

One morning, Tomoyo and Okazaki are about to have breakfast when Ryou and Kyou show up with food, followed by Kotomi showing up with food. Everyone made food for Okazaki, and there’s some tension between Kyou and Tomoyo.. eventually Okazaki makes it back to school though. And when he does, he notices that Tomoyo’s campaign hasn’t been doing too well, with her posters vandalized and rumours floating around that she was a delinquent in junior high school.

Okazaki applies the “basketball match” logic to Tomoyo’s situation. He has Tomoyo compete against all of the athletics clubs, and due to her crazy strength, she manages to win them all and garner a large fanbase, especially among the younger girls. The rumours surrounding Tomoyo disappear, and she becomes a school celebrity.

One day after school Tomoyo tells Okazaki about why she is running for student council president, and that’s to save the sakura trees on the path to school (apparently there’s a plan to cut them down in place). Her reason for this is her family. We learn that her family used to be very fragmented – parents fighting all the time. Tomoyo became wild and a delinquent, and her brother stayed quiet.

But one day when the parents were arguing about divorce her brother said he would jump off a bridge if they split up, and then he followed through with that. He survived, and after he was discharged from the hospital the family walked down that path of sakura trees, and her brother had the family promise that they’d visit them every year. Tomoyo stopped being a delinquent, and her family became close once again.

Nagisa returns to school on the day when Tomoyo will be competing against the tennis club. Okazaki and Nagisa attend, and a ball ends up hitting Nagisa in the leg. The tennis club player (a guy) gets close to Nagisa out of concern for her health, and Okazaki instinctively slaps his arm away. Okazaki then takes Nagisa to the infirmary.

Tomoyo, Ryou, and Kyou all realize at that moment that Okazaki has feelings for Nagisa. Ryou begins apologizing to Kyou, and Kyou breaks down in tears over having her suspicions confirmed, and her fears realized. Ryou then also breaks down in tears.

The episode ends with us finding out that Tomyo managed to become the student council president.

Episode Thoughts

What an episode. Very climactic, but in a much different way from the previous arcs. This was indeed the final episode of Tomoyo’s arc. We learned a bit about Tomoyo’s past, and how her family was fragmented until her brother attempted to take his own life. It was nice to learn all that in the end.

I wouldn’t call Tomoyo’s story particularly sad. The emotion was there, no doubt, but it wasn’t as sad as Fuko’s ending, or even the ending we got this episode. I think the big difference, once again, is that Tomoyo’s story was something that occurred in the past. It’s already happened. Which makes it less sad to me, because we see that Tomoyo has already gotten over it and moved forward.

Tomoyo’s reaction once she realized Nagisa was the one Okazaki was working to help re-establish the theatre club was interesting. She commented something like “So that’s how it is…”, and left it at that. Tomoyo was crushing on Okazaki, but I guess it wasn’t so far that she felt too much pain from realizing that Okazaki had someone else. Despite being Tomoyo’s arc, the real climax was centered around someone else…

Sorry, Kyou

Kyou breaking down at the end was perfectly executed, even though we knew that it was going to happen at some point. I loved how this scene played out from start to finish. Beginning with Kyou wanting to go over to Okazaki and being held back by Ryou, to Ryou repeatedly apologizing to Kyou, and Kyou slowly realizing the implications of what just happened, and why Ryou was apologizing to her. Truly an amazing scene, it might even be the best scene yet from Clannad. From the moment the ending song “Over” begins to play… it’s all just amazing.

But don’t take my word for it, why not see for yourself?
Though this is the full version, so there are some filler moments in the middle between Okazaki and Kyou (it’s an amazing video though). If you focus on the scenes at the tennis court, you’ll see Kyou’s actions and expressions are emphasized to drive home the climax. Notice also how she doesn’t turn around when Nagisa and Okazaki walk by her, because everything is still sinking in.

Once again – suspicions confirmed, fears realized.

Just like I mentioned in a previous post that Kyou trying to push Ryou and Okazaki together reminded me of School Days, this played out very similarly… as Kyou loved Okazaki more than Ryou, despite pretending otherwise. In fact, I wonder if Ryou played along specifically for Kyou’s sake. The way she holds Kyou back, and apologizes to Kyou makes me think that this is the case, and I think her tears were just a reaction to Kyou’s tears.

In Conclusion…

Amazing episode, possibly the best yet. I’ll be sad to see Tomoyo go back to being a side character, but the ending for this episode was so climactic and amazing that it makes up for it.

As for moving forward, well, Tomoyo managed to win the elections, as expected. Which means hopefully the theatre club can get approval to share their advisor with the choir club, and move forward. It’s been quite the journey getting the theatre club up and running!

We’ll just have to see where Clannad heads from here.
How will Kyou act towards Okazaki next episode?

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Clannad Episode 18 – Suspicions Confirmed, Fears Realized

  1. I like Tomoyo but her backstory has never sat well with me. It feels weird that the parents are essentially emotionally blackmailed into staying together by their sons suicide attempt and that this all somehow ends with them living happily ever after together. I guess the idea is that the parents are supposed to have realized that whatever they were fighting about was petty and that they managed to work through their problems once they realized how important their family was to them, but I have always wondered if they actually still hate each other and are just pretending that everything’s fine to protect their kids.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I see what you mean, but I don’t think that’s the case. If anything the shock of it all caused them to re-evaluate their situation, motivations, etc. and realize what was really important. Even if it was only for their son’s sake at first, it’s possible that in time they ended up overcoming their differences anyways.

      I wouldn’t say they were blackmailed into doing anything though, they could have just unplugged themselves from their son’s life like Okazaki’s dad did after all.

      Liked by 1 person

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