Date A Live S2 E8 – Kurumi Corpse Party

Last episode everything went to hell as Miku brainwashed everyone (spirits included) to become her slave, Tohka was kidnapped by Ellen (DEM Industries), Mana returned to fight alongside Origami, and Shido teamed up with Kurumi.

What could possibly happen next?

Date A Live S2 – Best Hair vs. Best Girl Edition


Kurumi and Shido tackle Miku head on. They show up to the “front door” of Miku, so to speak, where they can’t be missed, which is the fesitval grounds. Slaves try to attack Shido, but are incapacitated by Kurumi’s aura. They proceed inside to the stage area where Miku had her tantrum last episode. Miku gets cocky because she has Yoshino and the twins on her side, but Kurumi multiplies herself ad infinitum and holds her own without too much issue.

Kurumi creates an opportunity for Shido to speak to Miku one-on-one in her shadow. There we see Miku lash out against Shido for being a man, revealing her insecurities of being taken advantage of by men. Shido asks for her help in rescuing Tohka, but Miku doesn’t believe that Shido truly wants to help her, instead thinking that Shido is just using her and the other spirits for personal gain somehow.

Their time is up and Kurumi bails out with Shido. Kurumi mentions that Tohka is likely being held at the DEM Industries headquarters. Just as she says this, they are attacked. A massive army of bandersnatches (robot cannon fodder) is in the sky above them. Kurumi goes to work in fighting them all using her infinite clones while they also proceed into the DEM Industries headquarters.

Back at the festival building Miku questions her new slaves – those three annoying girls, Yoshino, and the twins. The spirits tell Miku that Shido would risk his life for Tohka, and that he truly does care for them.

Mana then arrives and beheads Kurumi. Another Kurumi shows up and tells Mana that Shido is now her responsibility, and then leaves to continue fighting outside. The captain from that DEM Industries AST unit shows up and engages Mana shortly after, leaving Shido to advance on his own. Shido is attacked by some DEM henchmen, and summons Sandalphon to defend himself as he continues to advance through the building searching for Tohka.

Episode Thoughts

What can I say, things just keep getting better. Kurumi once again was the star of the show, her fights amazing as usual. Not only is Kurumi herself edgy, but the fact that her combat strategy involves sacrificing countless versions of herself to the enemy is also pretty edgy – and awesome. Date A Live really can’t go wrong if they just include Kurumi.

Every episode that contains Kurumi is a real blessing. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this best girl? She really is SS tier best girl, possibly even the best of the best. Few best girls can compare to Kurumi.

It’s clear that while Miku was resistant to Shido, she’s starting to ponder what he said to her, which is why she was questioning the twins and Yoshino about him. I have a feeling she’ll end up helping out at some point. At the moment she is sort of like a powerful neutral third party in the Shido / Kurumi / Ratatoskr vs. DEM Industries conflict. If she doesn’t get involved, Shido will have to deal with her afterwards, but for now she’s on the fence.

Mana showed up again to help out, and ended up in a fight against Ellen. But I can unjustify her existence again, by pointing out that Origami could have showed up in her place. It’s not like Origami wasn’t already fighting DEM Industries earlier anyways, so it wouldn’t be that unreasonable.

My predictions are that Shido gets to Tohka, but they are defeated by Ellen. Just as things look grim Miku will show up to help out, deciding to trust in Shido. Yoshino, the twins, Kurumi, Mana, and possibly Origami will all end up fighting henchmen outside while we get a final battle between Ellen and Shido / Tohka / Miku.

The only X factor that I’m unsure about is what Kurumi will want from Shido in return for her favour. It’s possible she is just trying to take down DEM Industries for her own reasons, but it’s also possible that she wants something from Shido…

In Conclusion…

It’s pretty amazing what a difference bringing Kurumi back made. This series has really picked back up, and it’s about just as exciting as the Kurumi arc from last season. What an amazing character she is.

We’ll just have to see where things go next.
Will this arc finish up next episode?

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Date A Live S2 E8 – Kurumi Corpse Party

  1. Luke

    That was was not a Miku and Kurumi fight because it wasn’t on one on one, she hardly knows kurumi and she was didn’t she can use her voice or Gabriel


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