Arifureta (Episode 12) – Remember Us? (Nope.)

Last episode Hajime and friends destroyed a gang in some city, and ended up adding a little mermaid girl to their party. What’s next on this roller-coaster adventure?


Hajime and friends go back to the town that’s located just outside the first labyrinth to deliver a message to the guild master. There one of Hajime’s old classmates shows up and explains that the isekai class is in danger, as they were attacked by a powerful demon.

We watch as the class gets slowly pushed back. One girl dies. A knight guy dies too. Things are looking grim. And then, like an angel from heaven, Hajime appears to save the day… and give us a nice fat cliffhanger.

Episode Thoughts

I’m going to be honest with you all. I wanted someone to die, before I even loaded up the episode. Lynn can attest to this, because I told him I wanted someone to die. Why? Because this anime has been too standard / happy-go-lucky, considering Hajime is supposed to be arrogant but always does the right thing in the end anyways. Edgy but not actually. I was hoping for one of the major characters to die, but the blood price has been paid at least.

I’m sure that Hajime will end up saving the girl and the knight with holy water or something like that, considering how lukewarm this series has been when it comes to these things. But for this week at least, I’m satisfied. If the entire class was wiped out, I’d probably be ecstatic right now. Simply because that’d be one outcome you’d NEVER expect, and that would be amazing.

When in doubt, do something unexpected. That’s what I think, at least for anime like this that end up very lukewarm. Too much cutesy stuff in this anime that originally framed itself as something dark and edgy. I didn’t like the mermaid last episode, and I didn’t like her this episode. I just don’t see what sort of value a child / daughter character has to add to the story.

The way I see it, Arifureta is sort of an isekai turned harem anime, which is bizarre to think about. The tone shift in particular felt off, and now that we’re going back to the original isekai class, it’s gone back to a darker tone. Cutesy mermaid child to dark labyrinth and dying characters… not sure what to think about that one.

In Conclusion…

Maybe if the anime had spent more time introducing us to the isekai class I wouldn’t have been cheering on the demon / monsters. But the blood price was paid, so all is well here. It was fun in the end.

Overall, the episode was alright. I thought the isekai class getting knocked around was fun to watch, but the scenes in the adventurer’s guild were boring. I’m getting tired of Hajime’s party banter.

We’ll see how this one closes out next week.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Arifureta (Episode 12) – Remember Us? (Nope.)

  1. Anonymous

    Actually in episode 10 Hajime kills his classmate for siding with the monsters and trying to kill his teacher Aiko. It was brought up in the next episode why Hajime didn’t just let the guy bleed out since he had only a few minutes left to live. Hajime took on the mask of the cold hearted killer in order to protect his teacher from feeling guilty for failing one of her students. What I thought was curious is that the character Yuzu who died in episode 12 while casting the shield barrier seems to reappear in the last scene when Hajime makes his appearance. The muscle bound knight in the end actually didn’t die as you see him trying to get up. He’s just depleted from over taxing his “Limit Off” skill. Sorry to burst your bubble on that point.

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    1. I forgot about that one classmate before that Hajime killed. I’m not sure I’d call it cold hearted after the guy tried to destroy an entire village with an army of monsters, and then kill their teacher as you say, but I get what you mean.

      I missed the Yuzu thing, but then again I don’t really recognize any of the students well enough! And I thought the knight was bitten by a monster? Well, either way I’m just glad the anime got a little more dark with someone dying.


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