Blog Post #404

The number was purely a coincidence. While I’m writing this several days before it will be published, if I counted correctly, it will be post #404 on the blog. So that’s pretty neat.

Anyways, I feel like with the last few seasons, jumping into episodic posts, and writing posts for Ecchi Hunter, I’ve fallen into a pattern where I feel like I’m missing that personal touch I once had on the blog. It’s also been quite some time since my last true blog post, so I figured may as well get two birds here and write one!

What shall I write about first? You know, lately I’ve been pretty hooked on using headings. Maybe I should try and freestyle this one and not use them, switch things up. This is my blog post after all.

Oh and before we get started, I’ll go ahead and share a theme song for the post, because I like doing that for these casual posts. Don’t think I’ve shared this one yet…


First up then I’ll write about Ecchi Hunter. It’s been quite the experience writing for a second blog with my partner in crime Lynn, The Otaku Author. He’s touched upon this a few times in his monthly updates on his blog, but I haven’t really mentioned it since we started. So to keep you all in the loop, Ecchi Hunter is going very well. Much, much better than we could have imagined. At the rate we are going now, it’s very possible that the website will have a 30k+ views month by the end of the year.

Neither of us expected to get such traction so quickly. It’s been a very pleasant surprise, considering both of us have been operating our personal blogs for much longer and not gotten close to these numbers. So basically, Ecchi Hunter has been great so far.

That said, it’s been quite the task to try and keep daily posts here and keep up with weekly posts for various shows there too. I’ll keep doing what I can though, and I’ve gotten into the groove for the most part with all of that.

xxxholic yuuko

That said, my groove has resulted in browsing less WordPress posts, checking the anime tag less, and writing less “Sunday posts” like this one. I had some tag posts to do too, but unfortunately my laptop that I used to keep my notes on for that sort of thing had a display failure, and despite attempts at repair, it’s a lost cause. I’d have to order a new screen, and I ended up finding a very good deal on a new laptop anyways.

The biggest loss was just all of my old screencaps, most of which are here on the blog anyways. That and my notes, which was basically things like future anime to watch, manga / anime story ideas, a couple dreams I recorded, tag posts to do, and a couple other blog related ideas. Not a huge issue though. A fresh start is nice every once in a while anyways.

All I can say is that I’ll try my best to get back to all that. I try my best to bank up posts for anime weeks in advance if possible, but when things get busy it’s easy to drop things for a while and burn through the banked posts.

As for real life, well I’d say things are going pretty good. I’ve got something big coming up next year that I’ll bring up some other time, but I’ll just briefly hint now that it’s very exciting.

I’ve been keeping up on daily walks / runs, sometimes I go on multiple walks (~4km each) if I’m feeling up to it. I don’t think my body has ever been more acclimated to the heat than it has been this summer. Alongside my killer farmer’s tan, I’ve been relishing the hot and humid days. Hottest day of the year truly felt amazing. I never used to be a fan of the heat, but I sure am now. Thankfully my skin doesn’t burn easily – it’s probably been over a decade since I’ve had a sunburn.

The hardest part is going to be getting used to the cold again, because right now I’m finding even 20 degrees too cold! I think if I keep at it though I’ll be soldiering through the bitter cold with no issues though. It’s been fun to challenge myself as much as I have with the heat, so I’m looking forward to doing the same in the cold. Acclimatization is pretty amazing.

I’ve still got some ideas floating around for another collab, I’d really love to get back into something like that. The idea of creating a collab that creates engagement between blogs is still intriguing to me, so I’ll try to bang out some details in regards to that. Lynn and I had some good collab ideas too that I lost my notes for but that I remember the general gist of.

What about something revolving around a mystery anime?

Can’t promise anything just yet though. We’ll get there, either with this idea or another one. The goal is to allow everyone to post from their own blogs, but still engage with other posts in the collab / community. And of course, any suggestions are appreciated!

Zetsuen no Tempest Aika Fuwa

Hmm, what else is there to write about here…

I’ve been watching a lot of anime still, despite everything. Binging anime truly is my weakness. I recently watched Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor and it’s sequel. My goodness that anime is addicting. I think I watched 10 episodes in the first night.. however many it took for the first game on the ship to end. Every episode had me completely hooked, and I can’t remember the last time I binged an anime so hard. Truly an amazing anime. I’ve been thinking about writing a review for it, but we’ll see.

I also watched an anime called Mawaru Penguindrum. My opinion of it sort of bounced back and forth between “really good” and “annoying”. I think overall it was a good anime, but a lot of it definitely felt excessive. Many moments reminded me of Divine Gate, in that it felt like it tried to be edgy just for the sake of being edgy. Some parts were amazing, others ridiculous. It’s a fine line to balance, that’s for sure.

My rewatches have been continuing as well. Konosuba S1 and S2 were both just as hilarious if not more so in my second watch through. I think there’s been a few others that I saw that I can’t remember right now, but anime has been pretty good to me lately. My next rewatch will be Danmachi S1, before I move onto binging Danmachi S2. I’m also considering rewatching all of Fairy Tail. I also plan on watching that Kaiji spin-off that follows Tonegawa, so lots to look forward to on the anime front!

Kaguya Love is War Fujiwara

And I guess that’s all for Blog Post #404. If there’s anything I wanted to mention that I missed, I guess I’ll just have to write another blog post sometime soon. I have to admit it’s quite relaxing to just put everything into words like this.

Thanks for making it this far through my very rambly blog post!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Blog Post #404

  1. It’s funny how quickly episode reviews can take over. I’m cutting back this coming season and want to do more of the random stuff (with structure, of course, I’m not a barbarian). I recently updated a bunch of my older posts and enjoyed rereading the 30 Day Challenge I did in October 2018. It would be fun to come up with something similar to do.

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  2. I’m not surprised Ecchi Hunter is doing well, as you know. It’s EXACTLY the kind of thing that, in my mind, would be really successful with consistent and quality content. I digress though, I totally get what you mean. I’m revving to overhauling a lot of things for Jon Spencer Reviews and it’s busy, but it also feels like I don’t see folks nearly as much as well. Anyway, I enjoyed the update 🙂


    1. Yeah I guess so, still a bit surprised at the quick uptake because I had thought there’d be a lot of people covering ecchi content. Turns out it’s the opposite!

      Good luck with the changes, I hear ya. I haven’t been keeping up with other blogs as much as I’d like also.

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