Shuffle! (Episode 7) – Morning!

Last episode Primula got a new stuffed cat from Rin, what exciting developments will we see this episode?

Brief Synopsis

Asa was confessed to by a popular boy at school, the captain of the soccer club. This caused her to lament her feelings for Rin, while everyone around her teased her about the soccer club boy, whom she hadn’t yet responded to. During gym class, Asa was distracted with her thoughts when she falls and sprains her ankle. Rin and Kaede take her to the nurses office.

Rin then walks Asa home. While there they hang out for a bit, and there are a few awkward romantic moments between them that don’t really lead to anything. Eventually Rin leaves and Asa has made up her mind. The next day she turns down the soccer club boy.

Episode Thoughts

You know, I just realized that Asa’s name literally means “morning”. I think it’s so interesting how Japanese names (or maybe it’s just anime?) can be shared with such everyday words. To be fair, asa might have some other meanings too. Anyways, despite the short synopsis, I thought this episode was pretty decent. Asa is turning out to be one of my favourite gals in the show, up there with Nerine, so it was fun to follow her.

Once again though I’m reminded that Shuffle! is not a comedy, despite feeling like a slice of life. I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be a slice of life either though, and more of a drama / romance type anime. It’s just been quite slow to start, with the anime trying to focus on ALL of the girls individually. And the episodes so far have lacked that “oomph” that I feel like they could have used, either in the form of comedy or drama.

I’d actually like to see the drama ramp up here. As much as I wrote about a harem end, the fact is that I’ll die of boredom unless we get some drama going here. If it’s not a comedy anime, it’d better get some drama going soon I think.

In Conclusion…

I’ll keep at it with Shuffle! the best I can. Asa’s episode was actually pretty good at least. I wouldn’t call it exciting or anything, but it felt more enjoyable than previous episodes. Maybe I just like Asa. Who knows!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Shuffle! (Episode 7) – Morning!

  1. >It’s just been quite slow to start, with the anime trying to focus on ALL of the girls individually.

    It’s adapted from a VN, and I think it’s trying to cover all the girls routes… Which makes for a meandering plot.

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