Isekai Cheat Magician (Episode 12) – Unclimactic End

Last episode, that psycho advisor to the King’s Brother used a spell that transformed most of the soldiers on the battlefield into zombies, and went on some rant about how the whole thing was orchestrated by some woman.

We’ve seen here before many times, the edgy woman that sits in darkness and loves doing that whole “things are getting interesting” bit from the sidelines. Regardless, let’s see how the show wraps up in this episode.

Brief Synopsis

We get some backstory about how there was a disaster a long time ago where the very same zombie spell caused a group of zombies to destroy a large part of the world and kill 700,000 people. Everyone begins freaking out about how strong they are, despite the zombies not hurting a single person and moving so slow that you could probably walk away from them with no trouble.

Taichi then decides it’s time to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He begins channeling a ton of wind magic in his body – but then Aery stops him. Instead, she disappears, and Taichi re-summons her. But this time she appears as one of the four great elemental spirits – Sylphid. Together, they destroy the zombie spell, causing all of the soldiers to turn back to normal.

The psycho advisor guy appears, turned into a winged monster. Taichi beats him with a punch after making some little speech about how he’s going to use his “cheats” for good or something like this. Afterwards, the King wins the civil war, his brother is executed, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Glad we could see the reactions of those two random soldiers in the top right.

Episode Thoughts

Well, I guess this went just about as expected. The only deviation was that the King’s Brother actually was killed, whereas I expected the ultimate “happy end” where he helped fight the zombies alongside the King and was pardoned. The whole civil war was just dumb though, and the one reason I disagree with the execution was simply because if Taichi had fought for the brother, he would have won. It still bugs me that “I’m not interested in politics” Taichi ended up intervening in a civil war. Especially because from what we saw, the King’s Brother wasn’t a bad guy, he was actually pretty badass.

The zombies were a literal joke too. I don’t think a single person was hurt by them, and everyone was panicking because they come back to life after being slain. But here’s the thing – I have the solution, no “cheats” required. Remember when Rin made a giant hole in the ground, trapping thousands of monsters in a previous episode? Why not just do that? The zombies are so pathetic that you could easily just trap them all. Hell, they could even just lure them all into cages or something. How they managed to kill 700,000 people in the past despite moving so slow is the real mystery here.

There was one other thing I wanted to pick apart. It’s the whole “cheat” thing – does anyone else think it feels forced, just to meet the namesake of the anime? I’m pretty sure Taichi is the only one who even refers to his powers as a cheat too. But considering there are no game mechanics in this world, it’s not really a cheat, he just insists on calling it that way. It’s almost like Taichi HAS to call his powers a cheat in order to justify the show’s name – which is something I thought was pretty lame. Give us a real reason beyond Taichi’s lack of vocabulary.

In Conclusion…

Well, that’s that. I guess I’ll have to get a review written for this one, but I think you all have an idea of the kind of treatment I’ll be giving it. This felt like a pretty standard ending. The only thing lacking was some actual action to close things out, because the zombies were pathetic and the advisor / monster died in a single punch. An unclimactic end.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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