Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Episode 11) – Talking Fish

Last episode Hajime and friends fought off an invasion of monsters, led by another student who I’m not sure we’d ever seen before or will ever see again. And this episode, it seems they are returning to town with the VIP they managed to rescue…

Brief Synopsis

Hajime returns the Duke’s Son to the adventurer’s guild, and receives the reward that he had asked for, plates. I think they are plates denoting one’s position within the guild? Not sure if it was ever explained.

Afterwards, Hajime ends up going out with Shea for the day. They go to an aquarium and meet a talking fish, who we find out ended up being captured after he was flushed to the surface (that time from the end of the 2nd labyrinth). Guilty about that, Hajime and Shea free him from the aquarium, and he tells them about a mermaid that was captured or something like this.

And coincidentally enough, they end up running into said mermaid, who had escaped from slavers. After cleaning her up and feeding her, they turn her into the town watch. But that just leads to the slavers capturing her once again, and they then leave a message for Hajime to read stating that they want Shea. Hajime takes this personally and grabs Yue and Tio so they can rain hell upon the slavers and their hideouts across the city.

They trash the slavers all over the city and rescue the mermaid girl.
And everyone lived happily ever after.

Episode Thoughts

This was a fun episode. I can’t help but wonder about where exactly the show is trying to go from here considering the season is just about over though. So it was a fun episode but it also seemed like nothing important really happened. I guess I’m just itching for the overarching story to actually play out. It also feels a bit odd that the Hajime is still collecting characters for his harem this late in the game.

I think aside from the whole meta / story angle, my only other real nitpick for the episode would be that I would have liked to see better fights. I know Hajime is supposed to be overly powerful but it’d be nice to see another encounter where he really has to flex his muscles.

I’m indifferent about the mermaid, it doesn’t seem like she will really add too much to the party. To be fair though, I think Shea is the only character in Hajime’s party that has any sort of personality. Tio is just a masochist with some great body proportions and hair, and Yue is just a loli vampire with no real emotion.

That said, I do like Tio’s appearance, but her personality feels pretty shallow. Can’t blame the anime too much for that, considering she was introduced so late. This anime really needs another season to let things play out!

In Conclusion…

It was a fun episode, but I can’t help myself when it comes to nitpicking! What can I say, this series had a lot of potential, but it’s falling short in many ways unfortunately. So while this episode wasn’t bad, it didn’t really feel like it did anything for the story. I really wish this show was 24 episodes, because I feel like it would have given them so much more freedom to include episodes like this without issue.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Episode 11) – Talking Fish

    1. Was it a filler episode though if a new character is joining Hajime’s party? I know she be anything of note this season, but presuming there’s a sequel, she’d have to play some sort of role in the story right?

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      1. You really never know. The other day I thought I had read something mentioning that Isekai Cheat was getting a 2nd season, made me do a pseudo double-take. Even now I feel like it could happen…

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